My camera is my an extension of what I see.  I am always amazed at what catches my eye and is calling me into a creative moment.  I am admittedly learning all over again, having been an avid photographer 30 years ago.  However, due a house fire and the importance of other things though the years, photography was put aside for the time being.  But now, this avenue of creativity is beginning to emerge once again. I am relearning all the basics.  I am trying to learn all the facets of the
digital camera, and I am slowly coming to grips with the whole
software/editing/computer realm of things.  I love it, it is just coming
slower, but it will come :)

Some of my favorite shots...

Portland, Oregon 

Up close and personal with flowers....a favorite position of mine :)

Hay bales in Latvia

Kiev, Ukraine

A friend at the Oregon Coast

Valentine's Day flowers from my best friend :)

Flower foto - enjoying learning new ways to photograph :)


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