Monday, June 13, 2011

Ode to Rain

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I woke up this morning (again) to another very grey and rainy morning (again).  I will confess....I am very tired of this weather as most of us in the Pacific NW are.  I preface by saying...I am VERY THANKFUL we don't have the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes (mild ones so far!) and flooding (again fairly mild) that other states have and my heart is often burdened for those who suffer from the devastating effects of their weather.  We pray for them often! So in that my heart is grateful; but my spirit and soul really need some continual sunshine!!!  I can almost hear a resounding "AMEN" from those here in my side of the States!  So after looking out the window and moaning (again), the words "ode to rain" came to me.'s blog...

Rain according to Wikipedia is "liquid precipitation as opposed to non-liquid precipitation such as snow, hail & sleet"...I am so glad for the wisdom of Wikipedia :)   Rain is water-saturated air....don't I know it!!

Rain also.....
*gives life to plants, animals, humans - our entire ecological system would die if it were not for rain.
*refreshes the mind and body (we need this in a drought-physically & spiritually)
*gives life to weary souls
*makes children smile and play (remember jumping in puddles...FUN!)
*gives us mud...again FUN!
*entices us to dance and sing.....made for a good movie title anyway :)
*keeps us loving the color green
*comes in a variety of forms...pelting, downpour, showers, that misty, falling rain that can be so delightful
*is romantic...remember all those movie scenes where couples are caught in the rain...I love the gazebo scene in Sound of Music :)
*gives weathermen a job
*substitutes for washing your car
*keeps our food growing and farmers employed, again necessary for life
*gives us beautiful rain forests
*provides the necessary ingredients for those science experiments with your kids
*a nice reprieve when you've had a dry, hot summer
*keeps the umbrella industry in tact ( I am reaching)

Sometimes we just need to look on the bright side (pun intended!) and see the positives.....a pat on the back to me today!!

God is good, He showers down blessings on us daily :)

I WILL remember this!!  And I may go sing, dance or jump in some puddles !

And Mr. Sunshine....I look forward to writing a blog on you very soon!! After all, the first day is summer is only 8 days away and I may throw a party on that day!

For those of you who find yourself a bit disheartened by the weather (and we can definitely be affected by it) and you are still looking for summer to appear, embrace this while we must...

Perhaps go a step further...

And remember, we still have this...

Have an awesome sunshiny day and week, and find some special moments to enjoy God and embrace His goodness in all that awaits you!

A small side note....I don't want to discourage tourism....the Pacific NW is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I love living need to come and visit sometime (just come in July, August or September :)


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