Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busiest Day of His Life

Today is one of those incredibly beautiful and peaceful days when you just want to sit in the sun and enjoy!  I do believe "summer" has finally come to the Pacific Northwest!!  And I am one happy lady!  For those of us here in our little corner of the world, the weather has been a big my past posts have revealed. So... I grabbed my favorite Book this morning, a cup of coffee and settled myself on our deck to just "be".  I has been a few days since I have been able to do this.  Well, to be honest...I am able, just caught up in the busy-ness of life that distracts me so often!  My heart was hungry, I was thirsty and my soul was saying....stop and listen and just "be" in His presence.  It was rewarding.

This blog will be short (well, that remains to be seen, or read...)....but oh, how I wanted to share a tidbit.  After some straight to the point revelations concerning an issue in my life....His Word can be so faithful just when I need it. Funny, when we stop to take the time and our hearts are unsettled, He comes to settle with the right Word.  

In moments that followed, I enjoyed a chapter in a book I have been reading "Becoming A Woman of Influence" by Carol Kent (one my favorite want to be challenged, shaken and changed by the her book "When I  Lay My Isaac Down".  Warning...moms - you will cry your way through this book but it will so challenge you and God will reshape your trust in Him!)  

In the chapter I just finished, she shares about the priority of time alone with God.  In Mark 1:21-34 you witness what could very well be the busiest day in the life of Christ....he preached in the synagogue, he cast out demons, he traveled to Simon's mother-in-law's home, he healed the mother-in-law, he visited with these friends - and I am sure in the mist of all of this, he had meals and shared stories (it was just like Jesus to use the meals and times with friends to share stories with life-changing impact); and then after sunset, the whole town showed up on the doorstep!  Like Carol are almost out of breath thinking of all He did in one day.  And immediately following in verse 35, it says "early the next morning, he went off to a solitary place to pray."  He had a BUSY life, but His priority was to continually meet with the Father.  No matter how busy!  He was energized by spending time with God!

Let's be energized - by the right Source!  Some parts of our summer should  be a time of relaxation, those dog-days of summer (another woman referred to "dawg" days...days alone with God...I LOVE it!).  I don't know about you, but my summer can slip past in so much busy-ness, I wonder where it went! (already we have moved two adult children into new dwellings and a new city for one, sent one off to first camp of summer - fundraisers for those camps, out of town guests and more to come, graduations & parties.....) This month, a roof-repair project, two send-offs - one to camp and Jim back to Russia (more on that later :) and I want to move one child to another room and repaint his room for a guest room ).  I set some "goals" for the summer...I am rearranging those as we speak.  I want some days of "intimate aloneness" with the Father.  Even moments, if not actual "days". That cup of coffee first thing in the morning, alone with the Father, can be a few moments of the breath of God over us.  Although I am planning a day or two at the coast with God...and a couple of very close friends to just enjoy the quiet and share stories, vision, dreams and friendship. 

I want my "energy" to come from the Father.  Ladies, or men if you reading this, whatever busy-ness lies ahead, let's focus our eyes on a very busy man with a very busy day...and His answer, His life Source, was time with the Father.  So, plan those moments...go to the coast.....

Okay...this coast may require an airplane ride....

But find those quiet places to enjoy the friendship of the Father! (Carol mentions in her book that "a solitary place is a state of mind that allows us to listen to God's voice in spite of outward chaos")  Richard Foster in his book "Celebrations of Discipline", says...there will be the freedom to be alone, not in order to be away from people but in order to hear better."  Great quotes with intense meaning!  

No matter where you find that "solitary place" your car amidst the travels or commuting, in that airplane, in your bedroom away from the children, first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, when all the rest of the family are still in bed.....or at the lake, coast or mountains....breathe in and enjoy His Presence.  

Lastly, some of what I love about summer...

Friends around the fire :)

The fruits of summer...oh yeah!

And my current favorite flower of the season...

I just love these I "dream" of Tuscany when I see them :)
Avere una bella estate! (Have a beautiful summer :)


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