Thursday, November 10, 2011

God's Story + You = BESTSELLER

Once upon a time.....

In the beginning......

A story, a beginning....the greatest Story ever told...the greatest Beginning ever...

When we read God's Word, we are invited into His Story....not the other way around.  So often we take His Story and fit it into our lives.  The purpose of His Word to us, is to invite us into His Story.  He spoke, He began, He created, He worked, He rested, He gave, He loved and on the story goes.  

I just finished a book which brought a small part of His Story alive to my heart.  We concluded our autumn Bible study last evening, a study on the Psalms of Ascents.  Oh my, words I have read many times over the years came afresh to my hungry heart and I learned so much...and He spoke such fresh bread to me.  New jumped off the page and old was rekindled crisp, clean and alive.   I LOVE how His Word to us NEVER grows old, always has an invigorating, seemingly first-time-read approach.  

In using an addition to the study, this book blew me away....

Eugene Peterson's book was recommended by a good friend and it was a perfect companion to the study!  Any ladies reading this who took the this to finish off a great meal of God's daily bread to you :)  I highly recommend reading this along with Psalms 120 - 134.

But the closing epilogue of the book captured it all for me...and that is where the Story line comes in.....His Story, our life merging together to be complete.  His Word....HIS VOICE to us, Him speaking to us daily as we pilgrimage on our journey on earth.  (I don't think I want to use the term "God's Word" anymore, I think I have fallen in love with "God's Voice"...because that is what it truly is :)

And, the 10th day of November...I am truly and forever thankful for


Without it, I am deaf and unable to find my way.


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