Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Windows of the Ukraine

Photos should tell a story and that is what I wanted to do when I finally had time to show you our stories from the Ukraine.  I love color (as you know) and windows always catch my eye, especially in the Slavic nations.  When God created man and said "Let us make mankind in OUR IMAGE, in OUR LIKENESS", He formed His creation...to be creative. He then gave Adam the creative task of naming the animals (Genesis 1 and 2) and taking care of His garden.  Although he didn't do such a great job in the garden and succumbed to the lies of the serpent, He still remains to this day, the image of God and creativity.  In the midst of an ungodly government and regime during the 70 years of communism (and even before that!), the Slavic peoples continue - and always will be - creative in bringing out the beauty of who they are.

Even in the rural areas where homes are behind fences,
the beauty is captured...

(I confess....I could have climbed up on the fence to get a full view, but
somehow the grandmother working in her garden on the other side
kind of scared me off :)

I love the lace in the windows of their homes :)

The brick work really allows the color to stand out...

Notice the cross above the window

This one below was on a side street in the city of Kiev...

Each home is different; and I am sure they tell a story of their own
of the occupants inside...

They love flowers and use every inch of window sill to display
and get light...

Again, in the city...

And the windows of the city dwellers take on a whole new 
task of being the add-on laundry room...you see this everywhere
in the towns where apartment buildings abound...but again they find ways of bringing beauty and creativity out in who God made them to be and for some this will be indoors...I still like seeing the laundry when the bright colors of a fabric stand out against the old buildings...

And a window yet to be finished....in a transition home set up
for orphans which will be filled with the blessings and
creativity of God their Father :)

And not to leave out the beauty of the windows of the churches...

Windows of a nation...only a glimpse...the word "window" means...an opening in the wall of a building to let in light and air; and a moment period of time especially favorable for a certain occurrence.  Since the "fall of the wall", these nations have had that "window" for "light" to enter.  Many eternal works of God are taking place in the Ukraine today.  Please pray for the beauty and creativity of the Ukrainian people to overcome the darkness that threatens this land to close this window.  Pray for God to continue to move in the hearts of the people - this can only happen through the work of the Holy Spirit of God.  When you see a window, think opening...think opportunity...think beauty and pray into that window :)

P.S....I hope to do a bit of photoblogging (is that a word?) and share unusual and fun photos in the days to come of our trip.  Hope you enjoy!


Lovely pictures! Enjoyed much! And appreciate your insight on praying "openings" and beauty into a window!

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