Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random ramblings...

Only a few days left of summer.

Autumn is around the corner.

This time of year the markets are full of the harvest - I made ratatouille the other day and no recipe is better with fresh eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini.

I just finished a beautiful walk in the warm sunshine where as I enjoyed the quietness, the still small voice of God my Father spoke something into my mind and heart.  I am doing some writing on the "seasons" and transitions we experience in our lives (physically and spiritually) and getting divine insight was something I needed.

I found another fun blog that will not only inspire me to write and eat but possibly go to Berlin (she just wrote a book which I will pass on to you but haven't read...looks great though!)

Go to her blog and you can see how and where to order this, plus her schedule for her book tour.

Author:  Luisa Weiss

You know me...or maybe you don't but...I love any book that deals with food, cooking and other countries.  This could be a fun read :)    And I need a book for my upcoming flight.

I leave in a week and a half to join my husband in Europe.  He is away and sharing in some mission schools where young people are training for the field and learning how to navigate their own relationship with God and sharing their faith with others.   My youngest daughter is in Germany and wish we could pop down to visit her (she's not in Berlin, but maybe...  :)   She's only been gone three weeks though, so perhaps I should wait until she is really homesick - or I really miss her, which happens to be the day after she left :)    I should wait.

Our home is alive and well...three adult children who seem to be always hungry.  Good thing I enjoy cooking :)

The other night I put out the leftovers....they were quickly devoured, so I was left to rummage through the fridge and see what I could throw together for just me...

I love rummaging...

I visited Trader Joe's today and found this

I have a love affair with pumpkin in the autumn...and so it begins.

I am done rambling; just had to write.  Heart 2 Heart, joy to joy, beauty to beauty as the leaves begin to change color and the air takes on that chill which accompanies a cup of tea in the evenings.  We are entering into one of my favorite seasons.  

More to come....adventures ahead and stories to challenge, bless and encourage our hearts together.  I will try and write again before leaving on a jet plane (music in the background) but if not....next time, reflections from Riga.  


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