Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where Do The Birds Go?

Firstly, where did I go?  I'm still here, just my energies concentrating on other areas as winter winds down.

catching up on month-long paperwork
paying bills
sending out newsletter
getting over illnesses from travel
catching up with family


shopping for a wedding dress
finding a caterer
reviewing options for decorations
looking at flowers
invitation decisions

Yes, I am a mother of the bride!  Since returning the beginning of February, the realization has set in that the bulk of the months of 2014 will be wedding preparation (for my daughter and I, at least).  So, if I only write once in a while, you will know why and where I am, more or less.

And I hope to be "where the birds go".  This morning I woke up to pounding rain and a windstorm that threatens to be an all day long event. I enjoyed my morning ritual of Bible, coffee and watching the birds at our birdhouse out our window

Okay, not my birdhouse, I just can't find my photo of mine...lost in my files :)

Only today, there were no birds to be seen.  Rain pelting the window and wind whipping the trees, I wondered "where do the birds go when it rains and is so windy?"  

"How priceless (exquisite) is your love, O God. How eager we are to run under your wings."
Psalm 36:7

"Be good to me, O God; I run to you for dear life. I'm hiding out under your wings until the hurricane blows over."  Psalm 57:1  (The Message Bible)

Birds, like us, know when to run for shelter.  To a momma or daddy bird to cover them; to the cleft of a rock for protection or the branch of a tree for shelter 

We, like our fine feathered friends, also run for shelter in the storms or the seasons of ultra-busyness.  Like birds, doesn't mean we are weak, just shows we are smart.  Hopefully, we know the best place to go to be protected and to receive strength.  So when the rain and wind passes, and the sun comes out again (which is always does), we are replenished and rested to continue.  Take heart, we will see the sun again.  This winter and season will soon be over.  The birds know this to be true.  I know where the birds go...and where I plan to go when things get tough.

"And those who wait upon God will get fresh strength.  They spread their wings and soar like eagles."  Isaiah 40:31


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