Friday, July 14, 2017

Stuck Off My Feet

It’s a nice 67 degree morning, sunny & warm and who wouldn’t love just putting your feet up and reading a good book.  Summer days and lounging - it’s supposed to get up to 88 degrees today.  A day to sit back, relax and enjoy.  I am forcing myself to do this.  Sad, huh?  

I am stuck off my feet.  Not on my feet all day, but off.  It is a mystery as to what I have done to my right foot, but it is painful to say the least.  Perhaps I walked wrong, easy to do anything physically wrong when you’ve passed sixty.  Maybe I didn’t have the right solid footwear to walk around hardwood floors all day.  It has been a pain-in-the-….foot for the last week and a half.  Finally conceding that I probably needed some medical advice, I made an appointment to see my doctor, but had to settle for the on-call doc.  I had x-rays and the result is they can see nothing wrong with my foot.  There is nothing broken, which is a relief, but still. After relaying the results to me via telephone (in which they also said whoops…. they x-rayed the “wrong foot” as it was labeled “left” foot…really?  I would know if they x-rayed the wrong one!), he told me to rest it for a few days and if nothing improved, to call my regular physician for a followup.   Okay.

So, I am rounding day #2 of trying to stay off my feet.  Easier said than done when you are the one watering plants in the heat, needing to get meals and generally cannot afford to just sit.  Yesterday, my foot began to noticeably improve.  I was heading towards relief. Today I am in pain again and not completely sure what reactivated the condition.  So…I am resting, icing the foot and going to try to read.  Normally, I LOVE to read but when I have to, it can be a frustration, especially with things waiting to be done.

Sometimes I think God has a sense of humor.  Reading in my devotional today, it talked about the pathway God and I would take together.  We would forge a path up the mountain together.  The journey would be arduous at times, and I am weak.  Sometimes I will dance light-footed on the high peaks; but for now, my walk is often plodding and heavy.”  Really?  I am so slow in walking, I could be a snail.  Plodding is right.  The word went on to say, “that all He requires of me is to take the next step, clinging to His hand for strength and direction.  Though the path is difficult and the scenery dull at the moment, there are surprises around the bend.  Stay on the path He has selected for me.”  Okay.  No pain, no gain.  That will have to work for me.

Why do we always want to be doing when perhaps God (or our body) wants us to slow down?  

So today, I am going to choose to relax.  I will choose to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness around me.  And really, it isn’t hard to do as I live in a beautiful area.  I must quiet the voices around me that want me to get up and do.  No one is asking me to do the things, but the voice inside my head expects me to get up and move.   But today, I will just be.  And that will be just fine.  Plus, it will help my foot!  

(not my feet....but I wish I had this view!)


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