Saturday, January 29, 2011

Appreciating the Creative Part of YOU!

Saturday...the one day of the week where I get to sleep in (sometimes!).  As part of a family Saturday can mean a variety of things...a day filled with those tasks that don't get done during the previous 5 days, sporting events, shopping, cleaning, goes on and on.  Sometimes it can be a day of getting away and relaxing in nature (although right now it is a bit wet to really enjoy nature :). It was designed to be a day of rest.  In our busy world today, however, that day is relegated to Sunday, although traditional Jews celebrate this day on the original Saturday (Shabbat).

I remember growing up, Sunday was different than other days.  We were not church-going in those days (Easter and Christmas topped the list for making that journey).  My grandparents went to church, however, and we usually joined them for a Sunday lunch.  The afternoon consisted of roast beef, mashed potatoes...then napping :) and a drive in the country, often collecting dandelion for salads (don't ask!).  After that it was the traditional stop at Dairy Queen for a cone and then back home.  When my grandparents passed away, we still had the traditional larger meal at noontime, napping, drive and often times watching football. But overall, it was a day set apart.  It was also a day spent with family, extended family, and was a day I usually saw my cousins.  After I married my husband, realized he too grew up with Sunday being a day you spent eating a meal with family and friends, each minute and hour being absorbed by the richness of being with those you loved. That was after the morning being filled with being together in worship and teaching in church.  Basically, the whole day was with those you cared about.

God knew what He was doing when He told us to take a Sabbath (Exodus 20:8). Amazingly, thousands of years ago He knew even then we would need a rest today. I read recently on this day that traditional Jews stop working, traveling, building and fussing, and they instead ask themselves, "Am I am human doing or a human being?"

In the book "Judaism for Dummies" (no comment please...I love these "dummy" books), the author points out that the Bible says, "Six days shall you labor and do all your work" before Shabbat begins, implying that on this day, Jews should rest as though every undertaking begun were completed - the kind of rest that happens at the end of a project, when one is free to stop and appreciate what has been created.

Wow!  That is a concept that can transform me...stopping on a Sunday and taking the time to appreciate what as been created the week before.  Frankly, Sunday for me tends to sometimes be as busy as the rest of the week (I take all the blame for this by the way).  And more often than not, I am planning the week ahead instead of reflecting back.  But...what if I (we) stop and take a bit of time on a Sunday morning or afternoon and reflect, and appreciate what was created in and through our lives the previous 6 days.

I took a few moments today and reflected:
I created a home of peace (hopefully) and rest for guests we had in our home this week (from Poland and Montana).  I created meals, conversations and laughter in a home they could relax in as they participated in the ministry they were called to do while in our city.
I participated in a Bible study in which we woman were challenged and encouraged through God's Word and the support and prayer of each other.
I spent time with a couple of dear friends who needed a friend to listen and pray with them, needing to know they were not alone in what they faced in life.
I created a place of safety and again, hopefully, peace and prayerful instruction as adult children living away from home called to talk.  My oldest daughter calls these "phone dates"...absolutely LOVE these!
I created a few meals that my teens still at home complimented me on...and I REALLY LOVE this!!
I carved out a bit of time to get physical exercise, one time being a walk in the sunshine (yes, I said sunshine!) with my wonderful husband.
And...I creatively paid some bills and filed the receipts (I'm reaching here, I know, but sometimes we think our days are filled with "stuff"...and they are...but it can be looked upon as part of the creativity we make of our lives).

I think we are on to something here...what if the next 48 Sundays of 2011 had moments of pausing to appreciate what has been created the week before?  I think I will see more creativity and beauty in my life and a greater appreciation for each day I have lived.  And in this place of rest...appreciating the creativity of my life and those around me.

So, today as I enjoy my coffee (in bed!) and get prepared for a basketball game, a baby shower and dinner at the home of missionary friends, I will appreciate each moment knowing tomorrow will be a day of recognizing creativity in a week well-done and just being a "human being" with those I love.  

Enjoy your weekend dear friends and the Sunday that is before us!


Wow!! I am so very thankful that you have decided to do this blog, I love that your making me stop and think about these very important moments in life that well lets face it, far to often just pass us by...being busy is the oldest trick in the book for the enemy. He would just hate for us to remember all the blessings put before us! I am going to do my best to reflect on my previous 6 days! God really does know when to put people in our lives. You go girl!!:)

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