Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Year That Changes My Life

Well, this is a new beginning for me.  Already a month into 2011 and I am being challenged by setting up a blog :) and yes, I looked up that word to see what it really meant.  I love to put my thoughts into words and sometimes my mind goes faster than my mouth can keep up and I articulate with the written word better than I speak (or so I "think"). (For those times...which can be many...when my mouth goes off faster than I am thinking...it is good for me to take the time to pause and write my thoughts, and it may even sound a tad bit wiser :) Taking the theme from Beth Moore's "The Inheritance", Lesson #1, "The Year That Changed My Life" is appropriate as I am anticipating to go deeper into the Word this year and His purposes for my life. I felt inspired to go out of my comfort zone and let God have all kinds of opportunities to change my life....and this blog is one of them.  And so, as I experiment with this internet, web-way of sharing, learning as I go, I hope to make new friends, share experiences, and get feedback on your experiences to enrich our lives as women all-around.  I only ask one thing - please be patient with me as I learn; as I am mid-way through that 5th decade, I often have to ask my kids how to do this computer-thing (uploading, downloading, googling...all that "ing" stuff).  I am sure you, God and I will have a good laugh once in awhile.  So from time to time, grab that hot cup of java, a biscotti or two, and find a comfortable spot with a good view and let's become friends and women who allow God to transform our lives!



This will be such a blessing to many women including myself!!! Great job:)
Yes I think Shabby blog backround would be very cute and I can help u with that even over the ph. Talk soon.

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