Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On The Sidelines Or In The Game?

I have a tendency to take a break in the summer months.  When my children were little during the school years, I would loosen up a bit on the "disciplines" or "schedules" we had normally.  There was more sleeping in, later nights, less housework (yeah!) - less of the "norm" and more relaxation.  That hasn't changed, it seems.  You'll notice, even my blogging took a rest.  I've missed it though because I do love to put my thoughts in writing.  

I have noticed when we rest, sometimes we need to intentionally pursue God even more directly because I don't want a rest from Him!  We can get comfortable in our rest....our vacation....our respite....and let the activities distract us. It is interesting in that when we are busy, we need to be so careful to not let our busy-ness take over and keep us from our personal time and fellowship with God.  I realized this summer in the rest, the same can happen. We can unconsciously let our relaxation take over and miss the fellowship with Him in the process. (I need "me" time)  Remember the last blog?  I found myself over and over again saying "Jesus, I love you" - intentionally seeking to acknowledge Him in all the moments of my rest.  I don't know if you are like me, but when I go to "rest" and escape and do those things that relax me....reading, walking...I just want to be left alone so I can let down and replenish myself and breathe.  Well, no book, no walk, no beautiful sunset can replenish me quite as well as when Jesus is in the midst of those moments.  Jesus doesn't want to be on the sidelines watching us try to rest (or work).....He wants to be right in the game, experiencing it all with us, even if it is "timeout".

My prayer for you today is as summer winds down and we try to get all those fun activities (or projects) done before yourself or with family and friends you love....whisper (or shout it out!)  that sweet love acknowledgement to the One who walks with you. When we come to the end of these summer months and those busy autumn days come running at us full force, we will be replenished, restored, refreshed, and re-created by His touch because He was right in the middle of the summer with you!


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