Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ciao Summer....Hello September!

Good morning, September!  Welcome once again!  Am I the only one...or did September come knocking on my door way too early this year?  With August being the only summer month thus far, I feel like I missed a season. Oh well....when September shows up, she slows down for no one :)   However, I will take a moment to remember my summer....

Coming into June,  I never would have imagined this summer.... Sunny warm days aside (and they definitely were on the side this year ), there were days filled with those special to us. Weekends of repairing a roof in the rain, visiting with Mom and a brother we seldom get to see who lives in Michigan...enjoying his incredible cooking. 

I also had the incredible privilege of walking in a fundraiser to help combat human trafficking.  A subject too few know about and rampant worldwide.  A ministry we have been involved with for years sponsored this and we raised over $25,000. Praise God!  

A few trips to the lake holding my breath as my sons once again flipped, flopped and showed their mom they were meant to be boys in every sense of the word...

Our first trip out on the lake (partially due to bad weather in June/July) was August 13th....way too late to be starting summer :)

Days of family visiting from Canada....bbq's, another trip to lake, coastal fun in the sand dunes.  These family trips mean so much because we don't have family living anywhere near us.  The family from Canada are cousins; my husband's nearest immediate family all live in Australia.  And I am trying to get my mother to come live here with us. Summer is all the more memorable when family is involved :)

Days of quiet....first summer in 25 years where I am not a one in the household without a drivers' license :)  and hours of reading book(s) that you cannot put down...Jim was once again in Russia for 3 weeks (unexpected trip, but so right in its timing!) and I use that time for a lot of reading (keeps my mind off missing him :)  That stack of books beside my bed is getting smaller :) By the way....

Just saw the movie...can't wait to read this!

A must read and movie to see!

And as life throws the unexpected at us...days of heartache, as in the space of six weeks, our cat disappeared (difficult in that we still don't know what happened to him), and our dog died tragically.  Cuddles (left) was with us for 13 years and Misha (right) for 14 memorable years as well.  The kids grew up with these family members and it is taking a lot of adjusting to these two not being there day after day.

Days of camping with great friends and a weekend @ a beach house with "family" God has given us added to our memories of many summers together :)

Weddings....bbq' many blessings and a rich season to be remembered :)

As summer fades away with great memories and a few sad ones...I am reminded that life is meant to be celebrated...even in seasonal changes.  And one of my favorite seasons is the autumn....I absolutely love these months!  

The chilly, crisp evenings when I can begin to build a fire in the fireplace; pumpkin scented candles, wood-smoked air on walks, the leaves bursting into vibrant color, apple pie, pumpkins (I literally try every recipe I can find using pumpkin...bread, pie, bundt cakes, risotto, soups), colorful yellow and orange mums replacing the purples, reds and yellows of summer.  The smells, sights, sounds, and especially the foods of Fall once again move my heart to come alive this season!  I had to hold myself back in the grocery line the other day as the autumn magazines shouted out at me to buy them.  I think I am trying to hold onto summer just a wee bit longer!

The forecast for our Labor Day weekend is 85 - 90 degrees...and a friend told me last night that she heard we were in for a 90 degree September. I heard "no indian summer" for us...early cold and wet.  I am going to believe my friend as according to the calendar, we still have 3 more weeks to officially call this summer :)

But as we head into the fading weeks of summer, Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under I am welcoming September with open arms and ready to embrace pumpkins, candles and baking; oh, and did I mention FOOTBALL!!


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