Friday, December 16, 2011

A Chocolate Covered Christmas

This is not a serious post....

It is the middle of the month...

It is the last full shopping weekend before Christmas....

It is the fourth Sunday of Advent in 2 days....

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... is "National Chocolate Covered Anything" Day (it really is!  You can google American Food Holidays and find it!)  And so in honor of this day...

Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake with chocolate drizzle - you can find the recipe @

Cherries dipped in Belgium milk chocolate (oh please :)

 A mix of chocolate and salty...mmmmm :)

Oh, my...these are fun!

Chocolate covered waffles .... what a way to start today :)

Another way to get your servings of fruit :)

Double sweetness, but for those who adore marshmallows :)

For the Oreo lover....

Anything is possible....a bit of protein with your chocolate :)

And yes, I said ANYTHING is possible.... don't have to go that far!

But since it is Chocolate Covered Anything Day...and the holiday season conjures up all sorts of sweets and goodies for us....chocolate has a generous part to play.  Indulge a bit today and cover something fun in chocolate :)  (and I will see you in January at the gym!!  :)  

Happy Chocolate Day!


The bacon and cricket I could have done without but all the others look delicious.

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