Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I must be on a "roll" :)  When was the last time I did back to back postings?   Let's just say, I am really glad my heart and spirit are being refreshed daily as I enter this new year.

Today, I came across...

** Luke 9:10-17 (yesterday's reading should have been Luke 8 and somehow I read Luke 10; oh well, God had something to say no matter what schedule I am using :)  

Sometimes God's provision will come in a way that is not "normal" or "natural" to us....if Jesus is in our midst, we will "see" it and make room for it.  Do we make room and allow for it?  Do I see it?

** Luke 9: 32-36   "Forget the natural (the building of a shelter seemed natural to Peter) and listen (pay attention) to  My Son."

Often we are so caught up in the "natural", our lives, what is normal to us....we live in the natural, but our eyes need to be looking out for His ways, His provision, His words to us....HIM in our midst.  Am I willing to rid my life of the clutter, stress and distraction that keeps me in the normal?  Will my day, my year be different if I do really, truly look out for and experience HIM in each and every moment of my "normal"  daily activity?

From His heart to mine to yours.....let's live in the middle of what He is doing and wants to be "seen" doing :)


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