Friday, May 10, 2013

A Tribute to My Mom

My mom is amazing, but I didn’t realize just how strong, determined and dependable she was  until I had my own children. One day during a visit shortly after I gave birth, I was exhausted and my husband jumped up to change our firstborn son’s diaper. My mother, watching all this taking place, turned to me and said “You have no idea what you have.” With tears in her eyes, she went on to tell me (which I already knew but had a much bigger impact on my life now that I was a mom), how she raised 3 small children as a single mom. Changing every diaper, feeding every mouth, cleaning every mess, working and carrying the weight of those lives in her hands in our early years.

My mom remarried when I was ten.  She married a wonderful hard-working farmer from North Dakota.  As a young girl, it was a bit scary having a big man in the home. That masculine roughness was something very foreign to three young lives.  We'd never experienced that before.  My wonderful mom juggled the new act of wife, mom and go-between, as she helped us become accustomed to a "dad".  There were good times and there were harder times. Yes, she made mistakes...and every mom out there yells a resounding  "Amen"...what mother doesn't  fall short and wished she'd done it different.  But through it all, she was mom....and we all knew her love was unconditional and she would always be there for us.  I had someone recently say no human could have "unconditional" love for someone else.  I disagree....I have unconditional love for my four children.  Because no matter what they do...they can disappoint, they can anger, they can deeply move me, but I will NEVER STOP LOVING them!  (Another "Amen" ladies!)   My mom is now in her latter years...she still carries that unconditional love in her heart for me and my siblings as our lives have taken very different routes.

My husband and I have raised four wonderful children.  There have been adventures; rough times, good times - thick and thin times. Times when all you could do was laugh....times when only tears would bring comfort.   Most lessons in my life have been deeply imprinted on my soul through the years of mothering.  Aside from my constant need for God and His wisdom, there have been several women through the years who have inspired me in my mothering.  But one lady, who turns 85 this coming July, stands above the rest...

26 years ago, I stood watching my husband hold and sing to our first-born son and I was overwhelmed with love for the woman who “did it all alone” and the man “who was doing it with me”. That moment I believe, I loved my mom more than I ever had and more than words could ever express. She deserves more than I could ever give back to her!



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