Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stories Hiding in Inconvenient Places

I am still here!  Really!  I did not drop off the face of the earth, just took some time off to get some other pressing tasks done.  And to be honest, just not in much of a writing mood (could be the heat or those long warm days of summer taking over).  I have been reading a lot, which usually makes me want to write, but for some reason, this summer, my mind has not been in writing mode.  Prayerfully, this will change as summer winds down and the autumn kicks into full gear.  We have a busy few months ahead and would love to blog about some of the adventures.  Australia, central and eastern Europe will be on the radar :)

We will be visiting my husband's family "down under" soon as it has been five years since he was last home.  A far overdue visit!!  But considering it will still be winter there (southern hemisphere), I am enjoying the warm summer days here in our neck of the woods before having to give that up. I hoped we would get some warm sunny days before we leave and have not been disappointed.  I have been able to fit in picking raspberries, blueberries, grilling meats and veges on the barbeque and drinking lots of ice tea.  I also spent a full week helping with our Vacation Bible school the end of June where over 150 children were involved.  It was an unbelievable week and I enjoyed it immensely.....although I will confess, I don't have the energy I once had when it comes to the young ones :)

These weeks have given me time to process in my mind and heart as to the direction my writing should take.  A couple of ideas and projects are ruminating. For some months now I have been working and writing of the journey God took my husband and I on, as we served Him individually in other countries, and how amazingly He brought us together.  It is a story of waiting, listening, and when God began to speak (and very clearly), we moved in obedience and saw His stamp of approval on our relationship.  It is a story of God's sovereignty and interaction in the lives of two people who only wanted to please and serve Him.  I am currently pulling all the strings of the story together so it can be a blessing to others.

Also ahead, hundreds of stories of years of ministry are yet to be told.  God has written chapters through our lives....and yours....awesome stories that future generations need to hear! Years ago, I was part of a group of people in a missions community living in a small village in Austria.  We lived in a little castle on a hill.  We traveled back and forth sharing the Gospel and encouraging the church in eastern Europe and Russia.  If the walls of that castle could speak, books would be written! The adventures, the provisions of God, the miraculous ways God met us and led us, all need to be put on paper.  This was way before the doors opened and the "wall" fell.  Several of us were reminiscing the other day over some of those adventures and we are beginning to think, the stories must be told!  One of my favorite quotes is "If your story is never told, it becomes something else...forgotten."  I don't want these stories forgotten because there is a "whole lotta praise and glory" to be given to God for all He has done!  If you are one of those who lived with us in Austria, contact me....we would love for your stories to be part of this idea.

Lastly, my husband has his own incredible story of forgiveness which flows out of his life.  As he travels and shares, many are responding to the tug of God on their heart to forgive those who have wounded them early in life.  They have lived in emotional and spiritual bondage because of unforgiveness and as they open up their hearts and confess, and then forgive others, God is setting them free!  We are compiling stories of such freedom.  The worldwide problem of the "fatherless", whether through actual abandonment or the wounding of the earthy father and mother holds many a tale of those who are finding healing.

Could I ask a favor?  Could you please pray the compiling and writing of these God stories becomes reality?  We so very much want to do this and need the prayers of friends to keep me and us, on course.  Between travel, family, and just plain ole' life, time doesn't stand still for me.  I also am challenged by this quote by an author and speaker whom from I have learned so much.

"I had to find time to practice (writing) in the margins of life...using the excuse 'I don't have enough time' isn't true....I do have enough time; it was just hiding in 'inconvenient' places." Jeff Goins

Pray I inhabit those inconvenient places and set my heart and mind to writing stories that need to be told.

In closing, I said I have been doing a lot of reading.  Summer is one of my favorite times for reading; of course, so is winter, spring and fall....I just plain love to read!  In another blog post in a day or so, I will post links to my favorite reads so far this summer.  I think you will really like them!


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