Monday, November 4, 2013

He Determines My Steps

Oh my, it has been happened and besides not blogging, I have hardly touched my camera or computer to write.  The months sped by and here November is peeking his head into my life and reminding me the holidays and quite possibly "the busiest time of the year" is upon us.  No worries...we'll grab that turkey by the horns (or is it "grab the bull by the horns") and keep moving.  I was reminded this morning of a post I did quite awhile back and it needed reposting.  Possibly for me more than anyone.   Enjoy and I will be back.... :)


Driving down the road in the early morning yesterday, I was enveloped in fog.  I was amazed that I really couldn't see much except the grey concrete in front of me with the yellow stripe down the center.  I knew if I stayed in the lane to the right of the yellow line, all would be well.  It reminded me of a camping trip our family took two summers ago and I wanted to share it also reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a good friend.

Our family went on this camping trip mainly because we missed doing them.  The kids are nearly all grown and a couple of them convinced us we needed to do it again before they were all busy with their lives and it wouldn't be as easy.  Plus our oldest daughter had returned from a year in London and she missed the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest (that was nice to hear :)

Our biggest draw was Crater Lake...having lived in Oregon for so many years and we had never visited.  So my husband, myself and the two still at home went down on a Thursday evening, the others joining us when they finished work on Friday.  We found the perfect spot right on the river, outside of Crater Lake National Park, and everything about the area made this camping experience one of our best as a family.  The four of us decided to take a day trip up to the crater and then bring the others the next day when they arrived.  

Friday dawned cloudy and we headed out.  By the time we got up on top of the mountain, we were able to get some good photos, but soon were enveloped in clouds and fog.  We figured this was alright as we were still going to be there for 3 more days and the weather was sure to improve (we hoped!).  We opted to drive at least half-way around the crater and then do a hike.  As we drove on this very narrow road, we were surrounded by thick fog and clouds.  You could see the lake a bit, but on the other side, only fog.  It was eerie to be driving slowly along and not knowing what was on our left side.  We turned around because we knew we would be driving again the next day and hopefully see more.  Now, I am in the passenger seat on the right side staring at white fog, wondering what the view would be like. We did take our hike that day, staying strictly on the path, passing others doing the same, and found sunshine further down the mountain.

Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny and we ventured up to the crater...all 6 of us.  What a difference!  It was gorgeous!!  Bright blue sky, and the most incredible blue lake, with that famous island in the center.  We went nuts with photos.  But what surprised us most was what was on the other side of that road...nearly a drop off!  A beautiful forested valley....way way way down below!  Even as we drove further, I gripped the handle on the door as it was a bit disconcerting being so close to the edge.

What struck me then (and yesterday) is there are times we find ourselves in a "fog" of sorts, not knowing or seeing what God is saying to us.  We started out on a path in obedience to His word to us, understanding our way.  When sometimes suddenly, sometimes not so suddenly, we only see the road in front of us, a few steps ahead perhaps. We don't see beyond that - too much fog. But this I know...and the two experiences gave me a visual...if I stay on the right path of His last word to me, I will get through the fog and find the sunshine again.  If I get scared or try to find my way by deviating off the road, who knows what is there...maybe a drop off - of which could really delay me!  I walk this road of faith knowing the One who is directing me, if I just stay on His path and try not to make my own road. Not always easy, but more often than not, I just need to relax and let Him do the driving.

Proverbs 16:9 says "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."  I love that I can plan my way, and if my heart is really geared towards Him, he will determine those steps and direct them to His will for my life.

So, today my friends, if you find yourself in a fog...or your circumstances don't seem to let you get too far down the road, remember He can and will determine your steps and....the sun is out there waiting to break through! 


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