Monday, November 18, 2013

God Has It Covered

Recently I have been hoping for someone.  Carrying a burden for a loved one.  Believing, trusting, praying.  Grabbing onto those Words meant to give us hope.  

Cast all your cares on Him.

Take My yoke upon you, for My burden is light.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

It has been a year of walking in someone else's skin and believing God to come through for them.  Hoping, hoping, hoping.  And seemingly down that road of obedience, there was disappointment, mislaid trust, unrealized dreams.  My well of hope, their well of hope was running pretty dry.

At one point, I came upon a realization, "I don't know how to hope any more." Where do I go for hope when the Place and Person I was going to seemingly isn't listening?  Seriously, I don't remember a time in my life when I felt so incredibly hopeless in my walk of faith. This just wasn't me wanting to inspire hope within my spirit, but someone I cared about.  There are many years of faith under my belt and this was something quite foreign for me.  Hope always remained on the forefront of my heart.....something I knew would take me to the next level of my life.  Where do you go when the ache in your heart has found a home and will not leave?

On a walk a few weeks ago, one of these times of looking towards heaven and asking Him...where in the my world....are You?  A quiet walk.  A lonely walk.  I came back not with many answers, but a deep sense of

I cannot GIVE UP........because.......

HE does not GIVE UP

I had no new new hope, per say.....but all I KNEW was despite circumstances, despite what I "felt", and no new words of encouragement to give someone, GOD was still in control and does not give up.

Last week, as I was sitting quietly with my Bible on my lap, once again just listening.....a sparrow flew up and sat on the edge of my birdhouse.  And yes, HE spoke....."never fear, as I take care of them, I take care of you and all you care about."

A few days later our pastor shared his story of the very early hours one morning that week, a sparrow landed on his window sill and God spoke to Him of taking care of him and being very aware of his burdens.  As tears welled up in my eyes, once again a seed of hope entered my heart. It was growing!  God kept a little bird busy that morning....just for me.....just for you.

As I drove home from church that same day, waiting at a stop light, I was talking to God again of my heart.  My eyes were drawn to the writing of the license plate on the car ahead of me... "No Worries" - I love it because that is the way the Aussies of my husband's family express that it's not really a big deal. Okay....nice; then....the bottom of the license plate revealed a bigger slam/bang......"GOD HAS IT COVERED".   

Despite theology of how and when God speaks....I KNEW He spoke that very moment to a wounded spirit in the process of being restored.  My heart was overwhelmed.  I do not give up....because HE does not give up.  He is aware and He cares. Yours and my burden is not too big and you know what....He really does see farther down that road than I do.  

I am seeing hope rebirthed in my the heart of loved ones, as He arranges circumstances and our lives according to His purposes and plan.  He never left me during my "questioning" period or in my despair, He was holding my hand and asking me to relax, trust and hang onto a simple thread of hope.

Lessons were and are being learned, faith is strengthened, hope is being restored and a deeper level of trust is emerging.  Not easy, painful, dark much of the time, but one thing I know in the "in-between" and "waiting" times, if we hang on, we WILL SEE in His timing






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