Monday, December 8, 2014

Finding My Glasses

What if you were to lose one "sense" out of the five?  You could keep the other four, but had to give up one?  Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  I cannot imagine life without any of these, but if I had to choose I would definitely not want to lose my sight.  As a life-long lover of books and the written word, being unable to read would be a sword to my heart.  (audible books aside...I want to see what I am reading)  As well, I am a visual person.  Seeing beauty and color awakens something in my soul.  I am a basket case if I misplace my glasses.

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of darkness a light has dawned."  Isaiah 9:2

I cannot get this Scripture out of my mind today.  As I focus on the coming birth of Christ in these days of December this sense of "seeing" is utmost in my thoughts.  

walking.....they were moving forward albeit in darkness
darkness - unable to see, didn't realize they couldn't see clearly or "were used to the darkness"
seen a great light - they had to open their eyes to see the light
LIGHT - a great light has dawned on them

All of us, at some point, were/are walking in darkness.  Moving along at the pace of life.  Perhaps not even realizing how dark it was because we had become accustomed to habits and what seemed normal - it is all we had ever known. Painful, discouraging, ugly, but we know nothing else.  Trying to look forward because there is no other way to look. Somehow our eyes open and we SEE a light....a GREAT LIGHT.   Suddenly, a brightness dawns in our darkness.  Nothing else matters but that light and we move towards it.  We realize what we thought was "normal" was really darkness and there is a beauty of life ahead of us which we were meant to live.  It is like having lost your glasses and now you found them and can see clearly.  We learn to live all over again, because now we can SEE.

As we move deeper into the weeks of December I pray we will SEE what God wants us to see.  The Light that came into the world.  I am pretty sure we will all agree, believers and unbelievers alike, we live in a pretty DARK world.  The chaos, war, protests, disease, death, selfishness, and brokenness all around is pretty hard to ignore.  Where can we possibly turn for hope and something to "light our way" ? LORD, open our eyes to SEE what you want us to see.  For those of us who already believe in your Son, Jesus, open our eyes to see where you want us to be a light for you.  Where Your light can make a difference through our lives as we rub shoulders with those who are struggling to see.  For those who do see, but are aching for an answer to their pain and sorrow, allow the warmth of your Light to ease the pain and help them to see the way on the road ahead. For those who are in darkness, and cannot see where to turn, open their eyes to see what perhaps they didn't realize they were searching for.  The real Hope and Answer to their despair and longing.  The Light dawning in their darkness.  Help us all to find our glasses.


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