Thursday, January 15, 2015

FORWARD into 2015

It's halfway through January already!   Not sure where these 15 days went, probably same place the last 12 months traveled off to....the land of memories.  They say the older you get, the time seems to go by much quicker.  I am beginning to actually believe that.  I packed up Christmas last week, sorted through most of the paperwork of 2014 to begin organizing for taxes :(  bought a new pack of pens and a new journal, managed to exercise 4 times a week so far and began writing again!  The suspense of a new year ahead!

I love new pens and journals, new calendars just waiting to be marked up with special times with friends and family, meetings and events to unfold.  There's an anticipation as we put away the old and await the new.  It has taken me a couple of weeks though to get to this point of fresh awaiting.  Concerns, burdens, prayer needs all occupied each waking moment, along with the ever pressing demand of getting the house back in order to get some semblance of normal life again.  2014 was not an easy year, although the delight of planning and celebrating the wedding and marriage of our youngest daughter and new son-in-love overrode everything! And we got a new family in the package!!  So enjoying having them be a part of our lives!  What a fun memory which we will relive each and every time I look at one of the dozens of wedding photos that now adorn my walls!  

However, the nest became empty in every sense of the word as the last two young ones moved out, one marrying and the other to pursue his career and education as a firefighter.  All within an hour's drive, thankfully, but it is way too quiet in this house!  Something I am learning to deal with.  It's interesting, lots of books out there on getting married, parenthood, careers, all sorts of resources and books out there for the seasons of a woman's life.  Where is the help for the woman who suddenly finds her nest empty and learning to cope?  It is a bittersweet time....loving the season of your adult children's lives, but sadly missing them all the same.  Perhaps fodder for the writing....stocking my pond with material to fish out when the time is right (or write as is the case).

In all honesty, I love a new year, but I am not crazy about January.  I am usually so tired from the holidays the first week and all the cleanup, take down of tree and decorations occupies those first days.  January is cold of which I am not a fan.  I adore looking out the window at snowflakes softly falling (when we have it which is rare...we usually have grey rainy damp cold), a fire in the grate, candles burning.  I love hot tea, soups and hunkering down with a good book.  But I don't like being cold.  Playing in the snow is something I enjoy watching.  I loved it when the kids were small, but now days, give me a camera and me on the other side of the window in the warm house and I will do just fine!  

January is the month before it all begins....there are no major holiday fun days or events (sorry MLK, no offense intended and I honor the day and all it means, but it doesn't involve chocolate or a bbq). It is wedged in there between December and February waiting to be discovered.  The rest of the months seem to hold a celebration of sorts for me tucked amongst their weeks...

February - Valentine's Day (chocolate!!)
March - our anniversary and spring begins!!!
April - springtime, flowers, Easter (best holiday!)  and two birthdays!
May - Mother's Day and flowers, trees budding, color!!
June - school's out, and summer begins...warm weather ahead!
July - summer!!  Fourth of July! Birthday, Bbq's, camping, vacations, sunshine!
August - birthdays, sunshine, and now another wedding anniversary!
September - birthday, beautiful colors, the chill of autumn, Pumpkin lattes!
October - birthdays, my favorite season of leaves, candles and smells
November - Thanksgiving, one of my all time favorite holidays
December - Christmas season, peppermint lattes and I absolutely love this season of remembering and celebrating Jesus' birth, twinkling lights, giving and family...another birthday!

For some reason, January doesn't hold a candle to the above months.  But in all fairness, it is a new beginning.  I read somewhere in the last weeks about the idea of instead of a new year's resolution, decide on ONE WORD to focus on in the new year.  A word to strive towards, live by, be challenged and energized by.  I liked that.  (It's hard enough by February to keep that "lose 10 pounds" on the front burner, especially if lasagna is cooking right beneath it :)  So, one word I can handle.  Simple.  Precise.  Hopeful.  As I prayed for revelation to pick "my word", I kept getting three words.  Everywhere I went I would see these words.  But I wanted just one.  So I have tucked two of them in my heart as they will be a foundation I build upon for my one word.  And the word to move me into 2015 is 

I plan to move FORWARD this year.  Not staying in the same place.  One step at a time to arrive at a different place come January 1, 2016.  Spiritually.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Mentally.  Using my gifts.  Awakening my heart.  I plan to move forward :)  

So, even though January is not my favorite month, it is a special time as we reflect on past memories, and unpack a new twelve months, beginning with January!  Bring it on!


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