Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Primavera, Fruhlingzeit, Printemps, Vyesna

No matter how you say is Springtime!!  Hmmm, or it is supposed to be.  Here it is April 6th and today it hailed so hard that I could hardly see out of my windshield and slipped and slid on the freeway coming home.  I do remember though...3 years ago when my husband, oldest daughter and youngest son were away in Australia visiting family in April, we experienced snow here in Salem.  So freak weather in April isn't "that unusual".  But I am really so ready for Springtime! I just returned from Hawaii, my tan is fading (or some of it is just peeling away) and my mind is screaming for sunshine, warmth and the smell of spring! 

The other day when we had a few hours in the morning of what you know is a beautiful spring day in the Pacific Northwest, I grabbed my camera and clicked away (in case the coming rain and wind ruined all the blossoms and flowers, I was going to get my memory while I could!).  

I love color, flowers, blossoms and all the smells that come with the birth of Spring!  We live at a slightly higher elevation than the city and have quite a bit of shade, so my daffodils, tulips and all other flowering flora usually blooms at least 2-3 weeks later than a couple of miles down the road. So when they do bloom, I am more than ready for them!  And I get to enjoy them until Bambi and family come along and decide to have lunch!

I have great faith the sun comes out again...tomorrow, tomorrow...there is a song like that, isn't there? happy because I know some beautiful days are just around the corner and then we can all stop and smell the roses...or lilacs...or whatever flower happens to find our nose...or camera!  


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