Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ararat, Armenia and Airports

This posting will be short....I managed to get internet access so thought I would drop a quick note to let you all know....all is well!  A trip developed quite suddenly in the last couple of weeks allowing me to accompany my husband on his trip to Armenia where he is teaching in a DTS (Discipleship Training School) for Youth With A Mission.  I am so absolutely thrilled to be here!  Thirty-five years ago when I joined "YWAM" , this was one of the nations I longed to visit.  God has given me a gift!

When I woke that first morning to see the majestic Mt Ararat right outside our front door, I seemed to be enveloped in "history".  I tried to imagine what Noah must have seen when the ark came to rest on this mountain and the waters receded.  What was it like and how has the land changed in the last thousands of years.....so much to imagine and amazing to be in the midst of this historic land.  

I can't wait to show you photos which will be posted as soon as we return.  (I forgot the attachment for the camera to the computer so it will have to wait.)  We visited a very OLD church yesterday in the mountains from the 12th century.  As I stood in this very dusty, cold and stone chapel, I tried to comprehend what prayers were prayed; what were the heart cries of the people.  Considering the genocide that has taken place in the last century alone, plus all the occupations of Armenia over the thousands of years this land has existed, it goes beyond my heart and mind.  Again, I feel somewhat transported in time to a place with such history.

God is good, even in a land where forgiveness and reconciliation is still being realized.  We arrived on Easter Sunday where for the first time in history Easter and the Genocide Memorial Day fall on the same day.  It usually rains on the GM day, but for the first time again, the weather was fairly nice and seemed significant as the Armenian people become aware that without forgiveness, you cannot celebrate.  

My heart will be full once again when we return and I can share with photos and all that God allowed us to be a part of in this historic land.  I've fallen in love with a mountain and a people....only have to survive the long flights home (there's 3 of these lovely adventures) and the airports....see you soon my friends!


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