Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not....

Remember being in middle or high school and taking that flower, picking off the petals reciting, "he loves me, he loves me not"?  Remember the drama of that best friend liking you one minute and the next day is upset at you.  Or that boy paying attention one minute and gone the next?  The confusion, rejection and misunderstanding that played itself out daily...drama, drama, drama.

Have you been in ministry, leadership or relationships where you were going along doing what you were supposed to do and discovering you made a decision that didn't please someone and they now turn their back on you?

Our friend, David the King, experienced this constantly. In 2 Samuel 15 - 20 we see "friends"  (and family) dropping off the radar right and left. David loses his son (not only physically, but his relationship with him) where at one time he probably bounced this boy on his knee laughing. When you read these chapters, you see betrayal, disloyalty and much heartache.  At the point in chapter 19, when the king returns to Jerusalem, you see several men coming out to make sure their past behavior with the king won't be held against them.  When David sends out his "trusted" to accomplish his purposes....they didn't always do to the letter what he'd asked (I'm not so sure I could have trusted Joab). 

Not much has changed since David's time; people still betray and change their loyalties day to day.  There is still misunderstanding amongst peers, family and even close friends.  (btw...I am not currently experiencing any of this...just impressed with how the "man after God's own heart" handles what life throws at him and it was in my daily reading....had to write down my thoughts!)  Also, it needs to be noted, that David was not perfect....he had his dysfunction, was not the best father or husband, and he definitely had to live with the consequences of his decisions and behavior.

Look ahead to Psalm 55....this are the words David cries out to his God in anguish at betrayal and confusion from those he loved and trusted.  He wants to fly away and be at rest (how many times have we wished the same?).  But he calls out to God and the Lord saves him (vs. 16)  Then David tells us to "cast our cares on the Lord and He will sustain us" (vs. 22) and finally, "but as for me, I will trust in YOU."  (vs. 23)  Here's a man that knew where to go when his heart was in anguish.  He knew where to go when he was misunderstood.  He knew who to turn to when he felt unloved and even betrayed.  David knew WHO was his source of life, joy, comfort, understanding and forgiveness .  I am amazed at how David could forgive....I believe it is because he had himself been forgiven so often by his Father.  

Here's a "mentor" for us....our friend, David.  We can all learn from his life because we will all have rejection, misunderstanding and disloyalty at some point in our lives.  Wherever you are today, dear friend, I hope you will go to the One who can touch that place in your heart that no one else can.

Ending on a lighter note for today.....has Springtime reached your area....I am still watching for it...we get a day here and there.  My lilacs haven't completely bloomed yet (and it is May!), they usually bloom by my daughter's birthday in mid-April.  So here is a bit of Springtime to brighten your least visually...

Okay...these palm trees are not in my yard..but I love blue skies, palm trees and warm weather!  Hope your day is full of sunshine.


Enjoying reading your musings. Missed seeing you the other day and hope you are feeling better. Will call for a cuppa!

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