Friday, May 6, 2011

30 hours, 8,270 miles and home :)

I know....I am a little too specific in the details with the title, but it was a very long trip home.  And considering I am still recovering from jet-lag (yes, it does get harder to readjust once you are over a certain age...:), and caught a slam-bang cold in the midst of it all, the details make me understand why I feel as I do.  However, in the midst of my muddled mind, stuffy head and sore heart is glad and singing...."We had an INCREDIBLE trip!"  God was so good, faithful and fatherly in all His ways.  I thought I would take a couple of minutes before my pillow starts calling my name (again)....and share some photos and thoughts.

We made so many new friends in Armenia and God showed His fatherheart to each and every one.  My husband was awesome in his sharing and teaching in the DTS (Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission), and the times of prayer with the students was just as incredible.  God reaches out to the fatherless (and the motherless!) and He revealed His never ending love and commitment to each student who shared their past hurts, wounds and opened their lives to us.  We were honored and humbled to be a part of praying with them as they received a glimpse of God's heart for them and His words that He has never or will never abandon them.  Many stories and testimonies came out of this time, and not enough room or time to tell all.  Suffice it to God be the glory...He is their Father, Poppa and in many ways...Mother to a beautiful group of students we had the privilege of getting to know.  This was only the second week of their school - God has so much more for them!!

We also had the adventure of seeing parts of Armenia during this week.  I'll only include a few photos...

This incredible mountain is Mt. Ararat (you cannot imagine the immensity of this mountain until you see it in person and up close....awesome!!  Can you see the ark there in the snow ?? :)  And that handsome other figure is my man :)

We saw so ancient buildings, churches and monasteries dating back thousands of years....this is one ancient country!!  We felt like we were seeing history before our very eyes!

And the food....

Oh yes, we tried all variety of Armenian dishes....we are not one to go to the local McDonald's like some Americans when they travel overseas...give us the local culture and cuisine and we are happy campers!!  We ate in a couple of homes and it was a special treat!

But our best and favorite moments were the people we have come to love....

Andrei, Marlin and Katya - the YWAM base leaders in Yerevan, Armenia.

Lena, Paul and Gracie (Gracie stole our hearts!)
Lena was in first DTS in Armenia when Jim spoke 4 years ago

The students and some staff of the DTS & YWAM work

I hope to share more in the coming weeks as it was a full week with good times and stories of new friends and life in Armenia.  Our hearts are grateful and blessed to be a part of this new family!  And since our last full day there was a holiday (May 1st) and the monument/park we wanted to see was closed....we have to go back :)  Plus, there will be more babies next time we go that we absolutely must hold in our arms!!

This weekend is Mother's Day....snuck up on me.....can't wait to spend time with  my own "babies" who are now grown up and bring me a whole new level of joy.  May you be blessed - whether or not you are a mom - knowing God our Father has good things in store for our lives and hope for a future held in His hands!


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