Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Day to Honor Labor

Labor Day.....first observed in 1882 here in America, but signed in as a national holiday in 1894 honoring workers (actually it was brought about 6 days after laborers were killed in a strike and President Cleveland wanting to bring about reconciliation with the labor movement).  History fascinates me and often our modern holidays don't reflect a lot of the original holidays' intents.  So...if you are interested, you can go to Wikipedia and learn more :)  Originally a day of parades & festivals to honor workers and their families; a day designed for rest and parties and in high society the last day of the year women could wear white.  Uh oh, ladies....get out those white shorts, skirts and shirts and enjoy one last day!! (excuse we really wear white in the summer...all I see is dirt and lots of careful washing with bleach :)

This weekend it marks the end of summer, celebrated with lots of camping, bbq's, picnics, fireworks, water sports, and fun with family and friends.  And traditionally the beginning of football season here in the States!

Enjoy the weekend...and Monday....and a thought accompany the weekend as  originally set forth to honor thankful to the Lord for the jobs you have, the arms & legs to work with, the health which enables you to work, the family & friends who are there for you when work is scarce, and honor those who work to make sure you have a life (hmmm...that includes law enforcement, fire fighters, health care workers....I think there are more workers in our lives than we imagine!). Thank God for those personally in your life who labor so we are taken care of...thank you my dear husband for being probably the hardest worker I know!  And thank you for working to take care of our family.  I am forever grateful to you!  Ladies,  thank God for the life we have - all good things come from Him and even in the hard times...He is still worthy to be thanked! 

And as God the Father as our example....He labored six days and rested the this weekend, at least one day...and enjoy His goodness and creation!

Be blessed today and thank the One who blesses and watches over your life daily....and eat some amazing summer food!

Oooh, makings for fajitas "camping style"

Do I hear "cobbler" in the making?

Sorry, I get carried away with food blogs (of which I don't write), but I love photos of good colorful food....if this made you hungry, go bbq and invite some friends over :)

Have a great Labor Day!!


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