Friday, February 10, 2012

Sistering...And Brothering :)

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....remember Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen in their blue feathers singing this out....I'm there to keep my eye on her...

Okay, I am going to take this one step the men don't feel left out in this blog...should any be reading :)

Despite our independent streak, we really do want someone to "keep an eye on us", don't we, sisters?  We really do not want to be left out there all on our own, without someone knowing who we are, where we are and what we are doing.  


GOD created us for relationship.  He created us for accountability.  Pam Farrel says in her book "Woman of Influence"..."Accountability isn’t a biblical word, but the principle of accountability is found in the Bible.  The biblical word “exhortation” means “a calling alongside to bring out the best in another”. “Admonishment” means “to put to mind”, it carries the idea of putting the right thoughts into the mind of another.  That is what we NEED; friends who walk alongside, putting the right thoughts in mind to bring out our very best!"

As my husband and I raised our children, I NEEDED other moms walking beside me during those years to help me understand "I was not alone...this is a 'season' are normal". I looked to God for my help and wisdom but also other moms to give me much needed input and advice when I hadn't a clue what to do.  Godly women who could give support and speak into areas only a woman could understand.  I NEEDED other moms to pray with me for my children, their children - rallying together to see God Almighty work in the lives of those precious ones who mean the world to us.  As families, we have each other...husbands and wives to support and pray with each other.  But what about the single mom who desperately needs the love and companionship and guidance of other moms (single or married); what about the married woman whose husband is "absent" in the raising of the children.  What about just the basic human need of companionship and friendship...we NEED each other!  And I know I am speaking to women here, but this rings very true for men as well.  

Do you know that when workers build a house on the bearing walls and around doors and windows, they nail 2 x 4’s together so they can bear more weight.  The building term for nailing the boards onto bearing walls is “sistering”.  When we (as women) hammer our lives together, we help one another bear more weight and handle whatever life throws our way.  Oh, how we need to SISTER one another :)

Four years ago, my husband cut his right hand using a skill saw.  Being a construction worker, this put him out of work for nine weeks.  Self-employed and on our own....during a time that could have been incredibly despairing, God was so faithful.  "Sistering" came into and women :) ....friends stepped up to support us and bear the weight during this heavy time for us.  What was incredibly humbling was the majority of those who helped us financially were full-time missionary friends whom we had served with in years past.  Those who were in need themselves gave to us who were in need.  We saw a circle of "sistering" that overwhelmed us with God's goodness.  We will forever cherish these wall-bearing friends.

Finishing off the reflection of Psalm 16:3 "...these holy people who are in the land, the noble ones who make great friends and in whom is all my delight..." I close with a thought...

When a flock of geese are flying together in a V, they fly 72% farther than when alone.  The honking drives them on. Those flying behind the geese in front give uplift to the air to keep them going.  Oh dear friends, let's honk loudly, to keep each other moving forward!  Let's "sister" together to bring support!  

We all NEED it and WANT it!



I love it!!! Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring read. Its true we do we eachother and its important for me to remember that I can't do it all on my own:) PS- your blog is looking fab!!!

this made me cry, because you wrote what I LONG for . . .

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