Thursday, February 2, 2012

February: Loving and Leaping

I'm starting out February being very photo-conscious :)   I have enrolled in an online photography course which I more than a little excited about.  My polarizing filter arrived in the mail - been waiting since Christmas, along with a book I am already devouring and highlighting 

By Brenda Tharp and filled with incredible images

I have submitted two photos in the 12-month photography project I joined in January...

The theme for February is "Love" or "Leap". (2012 is a leap year)...both caught my eye 

Yes, he loves to leap :)

Sister Love <3

I can tell already this is going to be a very fun month capturing a wide assortment of pictures depicting loving and leaping....both of which my family does a lot of - and yes, I do a whole lot better loving than I do leaping...I'll leave that to the below 30 group :)

Oh, and I almost forgot...I am entering a photo in a contest (I said at the beginning I was gung-ho into picture-taking already for February).  Below is the first photo I plan to submit...

I can almost imagine being in Narnia with this one :)

So into February we venture....go ahead - love and leap a bit in your excitement of being loved by the Father!


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