Saturday, July 21, 2012

National Creme Brulee Day

I wasn't going to do this...but when I realized the significance of today, I succumbed :)  Today, July 21st is "National Creme Brulee Day".  I am not sure "who" thinks these holidays up...but I am all for this one!  Probably my all time favorite dessert, even over chocolate!!  I love the creaminess and the crunchy caramely (is that a word) buttery topping you break through to get to the prize that lies beneath.  I love the little bunsen torch you use to light this baby up and burn the topping.  And no, I am not in the habit of playing with fire :)

I cannot eat creme brulee, or even think about it for that matter, without remembering a special friend.  I don't see her as often as I used to, but she always remembers my birthday.  On that day of remembrance, she always brings me a tray with several ramekins of creme brulee for me to celebrate and share with my family. And over the years, she has made these delectable treats with varieties of lemon, lavender, thyme....and she knows my favorite is lavender.  If I am not home, she leaves it on the bench outside my front door.  She knows I adore this dessert.  And for some reason, she likes me and has chosen to honor and bless me in this unique and very tasty way.  She is like my own special birthday creme brulee fairy :)  And I love her for the creative way she chooses to express her friendship towards me.

Do you have a special friend or friends that think of you and bless you in certain times?  Those friends are truly gifts from God.  They are givers.  They remember.  And they remember at all the right moments.  Today perhaps we should make an effort and thank those who really bless us when we need it most.

Today, on this momentous and national holiday :)  I may find somewhere I can eat a special buttery caramely dessert...or maybe make one myself....and as I do, I will thank God for my special friend and pray for her.  I am grateful for her life.


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