Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blueberries, Lemons and Summer

Today will be our hottest day this year...and my good friend and garage sale partner-in-crime and I picked blueberries before the 100 degree weather hit.  Grey skies and cool temperatures accompanied us as we picked 11# of the delectable, juicy fruit.  We could have picked another bucket, but decided to call it a day before the sun showed it's glowing face and we melted. 

Our preserving method of choice was to freeze them, but I reserved some for baking and yes, I am silly enough to turn my oven on today - at least for 45 minutes - to bake this incredible dessert bar.  I saw this posted about a month ago on my friend, Bethany's facebook page and have been wanting to try it.  Let's face can you go wrong with lemons and blueberries?  You can't.  

This recipe comes from - I think I found another favorite dessert blogger.  Like I "need" another one, but I am a sucker for great food photography and an even bigger sucker for desserts, especially when the fruit is in season.

Blueberry Lemon Crumb Bars

photo: the Baker Chick

In all fairness, mine are baking as we speak (or write) so I can only anticipate they will be delicious.  But I heard Bethany tried them and they were a hit at her, I am confident in their success at ours :)   Thanks Bethany!

I'm not a food blogger, but there are days I can't help but share when the season holds so much variety and baking is a must!

So from my heart to yours....and enjoying the bounty of God's abundant provision of fruit during these summer days, stay cool - I plan to once I turn my oven off.  Oh, there goes my timer.....


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