Thursday, February 21, 2013

Giveaways, Games & Glitches

Congratulations to our winner of Beautiful Battlefields by Bo Stern!  I have contacted our lucky  winner by email and will be sending the book off to her soon.  This whole idea of a giveaway has been something on my mind to do for some time and I was honored to be able to do so with Bo's book. My prayer is hearts will be encouraged, healed and comforted by not only Bo's book, but also her blog and the insight she shares.  If you haven't checked her out, please do.

In doing the giveaway, not only was I able to get the word out on the book, but naturally and hopefully, build up the readership of this blog.  I love to write and share our stories. Having more than a handful of readers is an incentive to do so more often.  However, in doing the giveaway, I discovered my "Follow by Email" sign in box has some glitches.  I am trying to get this fixed, so if you subscribed and haven't been getting the emails, I am sorry and am working on this.  I have a "professional and trained" consultant helping me.  The fact that I gave birth to her, she lives with me and I feed her, helps.  But we are both stymied as to why the feedburner for the blog is now putting the subscriptions through, but doesn't give me access to the names and addresses.  They are "unknown".  Any ideas?   Hopefully, with perseverance and patience, we will figure this out.

For my earlier may be getting an email asking you to "verify" once again your subscription.  Sorry to redo, but if you could do this, I would be so incredibly grateful.  I decided this book giveaway was so fun that I want to do more of them.  But, yes, I need the subscribers to be able to do so.

Exciting news on the home husband is due home in 3 days (after being gone for 2-1/2 weeks in eastern Europe on a missions teaching trip); my youngest daughter is coming home in 9 days!!!!!!!  Yes, it is now down to NINE DAYS!!!  She has been gone for 6 months to Germany, Hong Kong, Asia and Belgium.  This ole' mom's heart is dancing :) youngest son placed 2nd in his division in snowboarding last weekend and his basketball team won 105-28 (that last bit was very sad and humiliating for the opposing team).  My heart ached for them as we have been in that position.  But it was so enjoyable to see the skill and teamwork that these boys have learned over years of playing together.  Please allow me to have my moment of pride for my son and his team :)

And I just heard another exciting thing.....guess what is just being released....Nikon's new D7100

This would be so FUN to play with....but I am still learning my D7000 and that may take the rest of my lifetime :)  No, I don't want this camera and I love my baby D7000 - it is still so very new to me.  I just love looking at cameras and am always awed at new ones coming out.

Gotta run...more to come in the days ahead...stories of ministry in Armenia, Asia and all things awesome!


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