Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Love or Not To Love on Valentine's Day

I remember the first box of chocolates I ever received from a boy.  It was second grade.  It was a big heart shaped box.  It said "I love you" scrawled over the top of the cellophane.  It made my little 7-year old heart go pitter patter.  Fast forward 50 plus years...and it makes this mother's heart go "WHAT??!! Are you kidding?  What does a 7-year old boy know about love?  Rather what does a 7-year old girl do with that "love"? that we are on it, what mother let her 7-year old son do that?"  Okay, we live in a different world now.  Back then, it was "innocent".  And it was the first really big box of chocolates all to myself.   But it is a Valentine's memory big-time.

I'm always amazed at the myriad of emotions this day brings to people.  Some love it.  Some could care less.  And some vehemently hate it.  I know it is especially hard on the single unmarried.  But it always grieves me to see someone so adamantly opposed to a day of showing love.  I have read facebook posts which would have been better left unwritten; words spoken to others better left unsaid.  Out of the abundance of our hearts, our mouths speak.  I have an acquaintance that a couple of years ago, angrily voiced her feelings about this holiday.  I mean really angry words.   Interestingly today, she is married and loves the holiday.

I grew up enjoying the holiday.  Tomorrow I will post my memories :)  But for me, it was a day of sharing love (and chocolates) and cards with those you cared about.  Even those you didn't especially care about...remember all the little paper cards you made or bought and gave to everyone in your class?  Of course, there was the "pain" of not receiving one from that one guy you really wanted a mushy card from.  Or just getting a plain old one from him.  I understand the pain that comes from rejection, even in the simplest non-intended form.

But...if for a moment we could put aside the romantic relationship side of Valentine's Day and just express love to those you care about.  Family.  Friends. Even a kind caring word to a stranger.  For some, this day holds painful memories.  In our family, we have a close knit group of family friends whom we have a history with.  Years of sharing vacations, missions trips, our kids growing up together.  One year, the parents of one of the boys were away on a trip.  He was alone.  He took a rose to the other moms of the families in our group.  I was incredibly blessed...over the top!  This young man was showing Valentine's Day went beyond romance.  It extended to showing those important in your life, they were worth the love of the day.  It was one rose and it wasn't romantic, but it spoke volumes!

From my heart to yours....single, widowed, married, hurting, alone, happy but alone, ....wherever life has you for the moment (and it is a moment)....perhaps put a new perspective on this love, a small gesture or big, appreciation to those you care about and care about you.  I am not putting light on your circumstances, just saying instead of lamenting, let's love.

In closing, here is a link that applies to couples, but when I read it, I felt it could also be applied to roommates who desire to share the love of God through their friendships and home.  A team, whether it be a couple or not, can display the love of God in creative ways to those around them. I had to share the link....

btw.....I am alone this holiday.  My husband is away sharing in a Discipleship Training School (similar to a mini Bible school).  Last year, I was alone; shared the day with my daughter :)  She is away this year.  My eldest daughter has a boyfriend.  My youngest son will be working.  My oldest son probably will not spend Valentine's Day with his mom :)  That's okay.  I am happy I have a family that has a life :)  And I will spend the evening with a small group of incredible young women I have the privilege of investing into.  God is good.  Even without the romance.


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