Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love, Laughter and Ligaments

There are 14 main ligaments in my back (and yours btw :)....and a couple of mine are in a lot of pain!  Somehow through normal living...and lifting a heavy box :)  ...I have stretched ligaments in my lower back and am somewhat "out of commission" for a bit.  I have spent the last 4 days either lying down with heat or slowly walking and trying to get something done.  I don't sit still very well on normal days, so this is a test for me.  Going to the doctor on Monday was my outing for the week.  Five times a day of lower back exercises and hopefully, someone being around to get me up off the floor is providing entertainment for my entertainment-starved family :)    However, during these days I have developed a deep appreciation and heart of mercy for those with chronic pain.  I am saddened that those who live with constant pain have to do so.  I pray for God's grace to be real to them.

But enough of daughter is home!!  After 6 months of schooling, missions outreach and adventure, she is back and sleeping off her jet lag!  Only a mom (and a dad) can understand the feelings of joy when a child is safe and back home under the same roof.  I have no idea how long she will be under that roof, but I am happy all the same she is here now!  This is the word finding a resting place in my heart today...

'Your servants' children will have a good place to live and their children will be at home with you."   Psalm 102:28 The Message Version

We met her at the airport in party hats and wild sunglasses...sorry, no photo; I was too busy convincing everyone to wear the glasses!  We are laughing, loving and enjoying the family altogether for this time.  I don't in any way take this for granted...I am enjoying every minute!  (She got to be my ride to the doctor on Monday!)

We had a small "family" dinner (plus two and minus one)....does that make sense?  For those of you with busy and larger families, you understand how difficult it is to get them all together for a meal sometimes.  The day after she arrived, we were able to gather 5 of us, plus two boyfriends, and minus one son, who had a snowboarding competition at the mountain.  He again won second place in his division (had to throw that in!).

He deserves a photo here :)

And the family, plus...

I find myself in these quiet moments of sitting still being thankful for what I have.  Our lives seem to be changing constantly...and I am sure change is up ahead...but for now, in this moment, life is good :)  .... except for a few painful ligaments :(   

From my heart to yours, whatever moment you are in today and this week, there is a blessing to be found.  Sometimes, it takes just sitting still to see it :)  

More blogging to come, but I need to go do some exercises...uh, oh...there is no one here to get me up off the floor. may not hear from me for a while :)


Enjoy being still and restful while your back heals! :) Chronic pain IS hard to live with -- but, God gives us no more than we can handle . . . . And, He has a sense of humor, doesn't He?! "Your back is hurt, now you HAVE to stop and rest and be still and do nothing!" Or, to me: "Another place you've worked and put your passion into is closing down . . . I'm not gonna let you be comfortable . . . there's something (called Missions) that I've called you to . . . ." (I'm listening, God . . . more than EVER before . . . .)

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