Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passed Over...A Good Thing

Passover...unless you know the "celebration" it makes you think of being "passed over"; almost a negative meaning..."I was passed over for someone better."  No, this PASSOVER, means you were chosen...you were singled out.   You were passed over to give you LIFE...

Today is the first full day of Passover (having begun last evening).  For those who are not familiar with this Jewish celebration, it is the commemoration of God "passing over" the Jewish people when the plague of death took the first born sons in Egypt.  They marked their doorposts with blood and God passed over their homes and saved their first born.  It was the last act of the plagues before Pharaoh set God's people free to return to their homeland and Moses led them out. (Exodus 11 and 12)

It is the feast of Passover where the Israelites remember where they "were" and what God had done.

A reminder they were once "slaves".

A reminder WHO delivered them.

An Old Testament story which opened the door to a New Testament covenant.  Jesus said the same thing at the Last Supper....His body and blood...do this in remembrance of Me.

Today, a simple thought from my heart to yours.

It is as real today as it was when Moses led His people out of Egypt.

It is as life-giving today as it was when Jesus said it to his disciples moments before He died.

"Remember who you are and where you were. Remember who God is and what He did. Remember your redemption for “all the days of your life.” **

(**above quote taken from "The Feasts of Israel"; a study of the feasts by Precept Ministries International....precept.org )


Love the words, but the picture says it all. So powerful! Praise God for the life and freedom He gives.

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