Monday, February 7, 2011

A Woman After God's Heart

I absolutely LOVE the book of Psalms in the Bible.  I have done some study on the life of David and these verses throughout 150 Psalms shout out at me "This man wanted to KNOW God and wanted to KNOW His heart!"  In his darkest moments, he knew how to pour out his heart and soul but more importantly, WHO to express his deepest longings and soul-searching moments to and receive the comfort he needed.  How can we not relate to these cries of a desperate heart, as well as the proclamations of a grateful and praise-filled heart when He has come through for us?  When I need to be encouraged and lifted up by the word of God, so often Psalms is where I take my weary heart.  

By the way, I spent 2010 studying one Psalm in particular and I have loads to share in future excited to share some of the "treasures" I have discovered.

I was so incredibly blessed the other day to read a self-written psalm by the daughter of a friend I hadn't seen in years.  We reacquainted at a baby shower of a mutual friend and a few days later she shared this psalm which she felt inspired to write.  She had no idea it was prophetic for she poured out her heart to her Father in Heaven, a few weeks later her husband lost his job.  She is now living this psalm day to day, her heart reaching out to the One who can encourage, lift up her weary head, and be the Source of all she and her family need. She gave me permission to share this psalm so I thank you, Christanna, and we pray that God will meet your every need.....and provide the employment for you and your husband.  Friends, I pray you will be blessed by this psalm of a "woman after God's heart" and in some small way, you also can sing it up to the Lord who hears our own very heart's cry:

" Oh God, my Provider, I am empty, my house is in need. My hands are weary yet willing. My heart is a large field, ready, I hope, for You to plant and bring forth a harvest of provision.  YES! Your rains have nourished me, flooded my soul; I am saturated with You.
Please protect my field from the crows, for they seek to pluck out the first fruits. Return unto me all that they have stolen from my garden. Cause MORE ABUNDANCE in those places that have been depleted, and be my Gardener, cultivate ME, prepare me for more growth. Increase my capacity to bear "fruit". Scare off the crows!!!!
Oh! Lion of Judah ,ROAR!  Scare every last one of them away! In my garden You are King! We rule and protect, together, You and I. Your delight is in ME, and my delight in in YOU. And, my land is owned and protected by YOU, MY LORD!
I put my hope and trust in You today; my heart shall remain steadfast in the hope that You WILL come through for me, and provide for my family."

Please think of Christanna and her family when you are praying and fyi..I do know she is a massage therapist so you can contact me if you are in need of one - she can come to your home!

I hope you are encouraged and blessed as I am and you are inspired to write your own "psalm" to the Lord which is beautiful music to His ears!!

Blessings today!!


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