Friday, February 18, 2011

Your Own Talent Show

I am sitting here watching the snow fall and I love it!  I love those soft white fluffy flakes coming is so peaceful!  Whenever I see snow falling, three things come to mind...once standing at a winter ski resort years ago in absolute peace and you could almost "hear" the softness of the snow coming down.  The other two thoughts are the winter scenes in "The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe", the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia (love that book!), and how my sins as scarlet are made white as snow as I am forgiven!! (and yes, that is my favorite!).  Well, that is not what my blog is about today...just had to voice that as I look out the window. 

God has seemed to thrust Matthew 25:14-30 at me lately in several readings, as well as in our Bible study at church.  This is the story Jesus told of the man who went on a journey and left his property with his servants.  He gave them talents (five to one, two to another and one to a third servant, according to their ability).  You can read the story yourself, but in a nutshell...the first two men invested their talents, doubling them and received reward when their master returned.  The third man, afraid of his master, buried his and received his master's punishment.  I am processing with the Lord about my "talents".....lots of thoughts, but here is one...what has God entrusted me with? What is within the borders of my life that I have influence; what am I good at and what brings me life?  Of course, several come to family, my job, my church body, the neighbors or people I see every day.  What "talents" has God entrusted me with to bless those around me?  (Do I have five, two or one....doesn't really matter how many, the point is what am I doing with them?)  

Do we bury our talents because of fear of man or perhaps past wounds (things people have said to us or criticized us and we are now afraid to step out)?  Have we maybe failed in the past and don't want to try again? Are we apathetic or perhaps lazy in not wanting to put the time into developing those talents or desires?  Or maybe become too busy in the immediate to take time to invest in what He has entrusted us with.  A revelation came to me...when we bury something it decays and produces weeds.  When we plant something, we usually fertilize it and it produces fruit and beauty.

Lots going on in this head and heart of mine...could be I am approaching quickly that "empty nest" stage of my life and am wondering what next? I look out over my life and see the blessings in my family and all He has done in and through my life. I am so encouraged with all He has entrusted me with thus far. So my prayer is "Lord, with all my heart and life, groom, anoint and enable me to fertilize and plant my talents to bless you for the glory of God and the good of people in the days to come."   (side thought... I know enough about myself and God that I cannot (nor any of us) do anything with any talent or gifting without the divine help of God and His anointing....otherwise it is just striving and pride.)

So for today and always...Let's put on a talent show for God with all He has entrusted to us on this stage we call life. 


Great blog Deb! You are a very good, natural communicator! One of your talents!

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