Thursday, January 19, 2012

Foto Fun :)

I mentioned before how visually-oriented I am and my love for photography - color, shapes, people, nature....I go crazy when I go for walks with my camera!  Well, along with my "resolve" to spend more time taking photos, as well as a few other goals I have made for the next twelve months, I recently came across this webpage and project for 2012.

Following a theme and submitting my photos (about 4 a month) should be fun and keep me accountable to try some new techniques.  I am really looking forward to this :)

The theme for January is "RESOLUTION", how fitting, right?  I looked at some of their entries posted already and following up on my own resolve...

A portion of my resolve for 2012 is to do more least 30 minutes a day.  Mostly in the context of my own study of Scripture and what I have learned and applied through the course of my spiritual journey.

I can write about many things, but I do want to write about what I life and my relationship with God which has led me to have many adventures in along the way.  As part of the guidelines for this project, I will be posting my photos on my blog.  So you get to enjoy (hopefully) the photos and whatever creativity I can muster from week to week.  Not sure which photo I like more...hmmm...well, I am off to post my entry :) 

Until next time ...


If you click on the link above, my first photo is #260. (I hope I am doing this right :)

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