Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simplifying My Life

Today is "anniversary day".  This blog began a year ago today.  I have written 60 entries including this one.  That is a bit over one a week.  Honestly, I had planned to write much more.  I read some incredible blogs where the author blogs daily.  I realize that for some, it is their livelihood....or contributed to their notoriety and furthered their career, and it is necessary for them to update daily and keep their "audience" up.  My intent was not to become famous :).  My desire was to do a simple thing....write.  As I said in my first blog entry....I do so much better putting my thoughts in writing.  I express myself more completely.  In a nutshell, writing is something that helps me come alive.  Something I want to do.  So why is something I so enjoy doing, happen only once a week?  

My excuse....I am "busy".  But really, can I not find the time to do what I love?  A few days ago I wrote that I resolved to write more, among a few other things I love doing.  I resolve to "run my race" with my whole heart....the complete me.  As I live and breathe through the month of January, I have discovered perhaps I am adding to my "list" of things I want to do and in trying to fit them in, I have just that...a list.  My intentions are good. My desires are good. But somehow in the midst of all the stuff...these desires become another "thing to do".  Wow, how did that happen?  Already into week 3 of January and my resolve is working itself out every few days, rather than every day.

It seems, fittingly so, that many of the blogs I have read this month have to do with resolutions, setting goals, and following your dream.  Many have said they want to "simplify" their life this year.  Simplify...that hits the nail on the head.  We cram so much into our lives that we discover we cannot do it least not daily.  In December, I took a couple of items from my calendar and removed them from my weekly list.  Two less things in 2012, even though they were things I enjoyed, I felt God tell me I could still fulfill my purpose without them. Hard to do, but I did it.

This week I purposely set time aside to do four of the things that matter to me. After each time, I felt so alive.  My husband is away on a ministry trip, which actually allows me to not stick to a schedule.  I figured this was a good couple of weeks to simplify and come to some arrangement and understanding with myself on how I can arrange my life to intentionally walk and learn the purposes God has for me.  This may sound a bit odd to some, but for those of you in the same season of life as I, it makes sense.  I have been an at-home mom, homeschooled for years and involvement in the schools when my children attended publicly; but now....two away from home - one in college, one out.  One at college but living at home.  And one still in high school.  So...I have an almost "empty nest".  My husband is traveling much more now and the time is coming where I will be able to accompany him more often.  I have for years been involved in our local church, Bible studies, prayer groups... Basically, a busy mom.  But my involvement is changing.  My children are life is changing. However, there are always needs to be met and jobs to do.  And I admit, I am having a bit of a challenge in figuring out how to "simplify".  

For each of us, simplifying will mean something different.  Taking out what distracts us so that we can put our energy into what really matters, to us and those we love.  My "race" each day must begin with my "warm up" time with God.  If I don't have that, my muscles will cramp, I will get aches in my side and I will constantly need to be catching my breath.  All that I encounter during the day after that will be better navigated because I have started my race with what really matters.  

My learning to simplify falls into the time after my "warm up" :)  

My race is my life as a:


I am learning to balance what is really important 
during this season:

my relationship with my God
my relationship with my husband
my children
my friendships
leadership & ministry in my church & community
Bible study and writing
exercise & health

Hmm...I think I just gave myself a "pep talk".  Maybe I just needed to write out my thoughts :)  But what I would love to hear do YOU simplify your life?    Do you still struggle with fitting it all in?  Have you taken some things out, only to find you still are trying to find time to do the things you love?  Do you try to do what you love daily, or do you space it out throughout the week?  Are you able to breathe, or do you find yourself constantly stopping to catch your breath?  I would like to hear...I would like to learn from you.  Are there practical steps you have taken to simplify?  

My anniversary blog is dedicated to doing what you and I love in 2012, doing what it takes to live our dream....and helping each other run our race and get to the finish line knowing we have pursued what God put on our hearts in doing His will for our lives.  Simplifying our lives so the people and tasks we take on are the ones that really matter.  Let me hear from you how you are running your race.  

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