Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness

Welcome to March 2012!   The old adage of "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" should have been replaced with a polar bear for our neighborhood.   We woke up yesterday to 6 inches of powdery snow and a day off school. I love the "snow days" even without having little ones under seventeen year-old tried snowboarding down our hill (too powdery), so we enjoyed the hot tub and two episodes of 24 Season One together.  My son and I have this thing about "bonding" while watching favorite TV movies/shows together.  We went from 24 to LOST to White Collar.  I think we need something new worthy of our attention.  Not a whole lot out there worthy of our attention, so DVD's of past episodes come in handy :)  Somehow the show isn't the important thing...I just love that he stops long enough to hang out with me.  

Wow...March is here already!  And our calendar is filled with yellow highlights of weeks involving travel and ministry in 2012.  I actually printed off a calendar so we could keep track, otherwise, we could wake one morning to realize Jim should be somewhere else :)  On the horizon is the Ukraine, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Latvia, Armenia and Kamchatka.  I am looking forward to some of the trips I will be able to make with him this year.  More on that later...

We often cite "March Madness" due to the basketball championships during these weeks.  I think it can be "mad" here in the Northwest as it can be snowing, raining, blustery, and yet those daffodils and crocuses still try to make their appearance despite the fact that "old man winter" doesn't want to leave just yet.   You don't know whether to put away the heavy winter coats and boots, or take a risk and wear those capris.  One thing for sure, March keeps us guessing!  Right now it is still the coats and boots as the snow hasn't melted yet at our house.

Reasons I like March:

** my moozh (Russian for husband) and I celebrate our anniversary...26 years!
** spring break from school - a much needed break at our house!
** this month two daughters finish their schooling; one graduates 4-year university and the other her 2-year stint @ local college.  Celebration time!
** I still enjoy the hot cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and blankets!
** We are able to still use our fireplace & candles in the evenings. 
** Momma sheep and baby lambs show up in their nearby field on my walk!
** Daylight savings time begins
** Easter candy begins to appear in the stores...malted milk eggs, Cadbury and jelly beans
** I'm not a fan of spring cleaning, but it does bring a sense of completion to throw out the old and bring in the new :)
** Those daffodils start smiling and I love seeing means springtime is really around the corner!  

I think April really lends itself to being that breath of fresh air we need after the winter, but March lets us at least begin to get a peak of what is ahead.  

This wasn't so much an inspiring or spiritual post today...I just needed to sit under a warm blanket on my bed with a cup of tea and despite the snow outside remind myself that springtime is just weeks away.  I love that seasons bring change yet in the middle of change, our God does not change.  He will be the same yesterday, today and forever.  Forever He is faithful, forever He is strong, forever He is for us....FOREVER!    Enjoy the beginning of a new month :)

photo credit: Josh McCulloch


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