Friday, March 9, 2012

My "Book of the Month" :)

As you know, I LOVE books and I absolutely ADORE READING.  It has and always will be, one of my favorite pastimes and ways to relax.  It can be fictional history, which is one of my favorites, mysteries, spiritual growth, biographies, and yes, even cookbooks!  I often wonder if I didn't have my eyesight, or as these dear brown organs of sight lose their sharpness as the years are passing by, what I would do if I couldn't read!  It would be like cutting off my arm!  So, THANK YOU GOD for my eyesight and my love of reading!

Currently, I am doing a SEEDS Bible study by Priscilla Shirer.  We have a small group of incredible ladies who meet every week to share the beauties and gems of God's Word with each other.  It is a highlight of our week.  New friendships and hearts are being knit together.  This week we are looking at a chapter entitled "control" or "Fully Surrendered" which talks about humility and servanthood.  Becoming as "Christ" in loving and serving others.  Amazingly,  I am in the middle of a book a friend recommended to me months ago and last night when I couldn't sleep, I spent some time reading.  It is always astounding to me how God can and will use various mediums to get our attention and make a point, at exact seasons of our life.  This book is a MUST to read!  

I have a stack of books by my bed waiting to be read.  This was among them.  It took me weeks to finally pick it up and begin.  I am so glad I did!  This is a story which follows the lives of Father Peregrin and fellow monks in a monastery in old England, as being told by a mother to her daughter.  At first it was "slow" for me, but as I stuck with it, and the truths unfolded in the story-telling, I am transfixed by the messages of humility, servanthood and the love of God that reaches to us all and is to be lived out daily in humility.  If I could suggest a "book of the month" to you...this is it!  It can be ordered on either book form or Kindle.  Ladies, if I can...this is a must!  Thank you, Nancy, for suggesting it to me!  It is now among the list of my favorites and I am bookmarking pages, underlining and devouring the stories.  And the stories are in direct tandem with the lessons Priscilla is laying out for us in our Bible study!  What an exciting thing when God interacts with us right where we are at!

Have a great day! We are enjoying a few days of early spring!  Loving it!  Short-lived as rain, wind and lower elevations of snow are again threatening to rear their heads...I fully anticipate March 20th changing all that :)


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