Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sun, Sand and Snow

These last weeks have had me concentrating on visas, plane tickets and details to an upcoming missions trip we are taking.  Encountering the usual and not-so-usual hassles that come with the territory has left me a bit drained.  I do think though that through prayer of friends and some helpful advice, we are getting over the top of the hill we have been climbing these last days.  God is good and I am confident we will see a lot more of His goodness in the days to come.

Today I just want to share some fun photos I took recently at an outing on the Oregon coast.  I got my camera back from repair...that is another story....but for now I hope you will enjoy the beauty of a few minutes through the lens of a camera...

I thought it was nice he stayed in one place long enough for me to get this :)

I am always drawn to "leading lines" in scenery :)

The thing I love best about the Oregon coast is the rocks that jut out of the water and provide the most amazing rough beauty.  You don't see that along too many coastlines.

And I love the trees!  Whoops, sorry!  Wrong coast....how did that get in there?

The clouds started rolling in....a normal occurrence here - love this in black and white.

And I was transfixed with the art in the sand made by the waves...

A lovely weekend away...celebrating our 26th by the way.  We did manage to get caught in a very windy rainstorm on one of our walks on the beach.  Always fun!

And lastly our first few days of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest....and THIS is not a normal occurrence...

My poor budding trees :(

And our regular visitors showed up :)

March came in like a lion in Antarctica - wonder how April will arrive?  Hope you are doing something nice, adventurous and "warm" for spring break! 


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