Monday, October 17, 2011

Living Between the Times

I am into week number two of the three weeks my husband is away in Latvia, Finland and Russia.  In my last posting I gave an account of day one, and I am pleased that nothing too dramatic or harmful has befallen us since.  The days gave me an opportunity to rest up from my cold, catch up on some overdue jobs at home and enjoy the peace and quiet.  God is so in tune with us that He knows just "when" we need those moments to refresh our souls.

I am so enjoying our Bible Study we have with Beth Moore's "Stepping Up" where we are studying the Psalms of Ascent.  It is speaking volumes to my heart!  I just finished the lesson on Psalm 126, where she quotes James Limburg from his commentary "Psalm 126 comes from a people who are living between the times, between a good time remembered and a good time hoped for."  The psalmist is talking about the children of Israel returning from their seventy years in captivity in Babylon to their beloved homeland and Jerusalem.  As I thought about this concept and being "in between times or seasons" of our lives, I reflected on what I have learned from the difficult hard times of seemingly "captivity" or even just a very dry thirsty time in my life.  And being in that spot of "living between the times" looking forward to the "good time hoped for".  

*prayer (my conversation with God) has become my "right arm" - I couldn't live without it

*patience in waiting for God's timing in my life

*knowing He "works all things together for good for those who love Him"

*trusting He knows what is best for me and my loved ones (far better than I do)

*deep joy when "happiness" seems to be out of sight

*"happiness" when I lift up my eyes to the the One who is in charge of my life

*faith that came when I "heard from God" and waited on Him

*humbling myself when SELF was tired of waiting and doing it my way

*forgiveness extended and received when I moved in my own flesh instead of my His Spirit

*being set free from those insecurities and bondages that keep me from being who He created and designed me to to be ME and no one else :)

*"Wilderness 101" wasn't fun, but the spiritual survival skills I learned will be with me forever :)

I wouldn't trade the lessons I have learned over my life and those "in between times" for anything.  God has been so close.  Right now I am not in a difficult time of my life.  But I am in a "between" time, looking forward with HOPE to what He has next.....a good time hoped for.  The Message version says in verse 4 of Psalm 126 "And, now God, do it again!"  Show yourself mighty to me, my family, my friends and your Church!  

 And that is what I hope for me, and all those I love...and for you!  


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