Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Days

Yesterday was "Columbus Day", no mail, no bank, but there was school...and my husband left for Latvia, Finland and Russia.  

I am trying to get rid of a not-at-all-nice cold (are they ever nice?)

My daughter and I left husband/daddy at the entrance to the terminal (per his request) and we headed for Ikea :)  We gazed, grazed and found a great set of glasses to replace the many which break on our granite counter tops :(

Text....1/2 hour late in departing.

Next text....upgraded to better (much better) seat!  Yeah!

Phone call from son after arriving home from school....very large branch down over our driveway, took out power line, which also is down over our driveway and no electricity.

Phone call to hubby who is just boarding plane....why is it I actually thought he could "rescue me" when leaving to travel thousands of miles away....it was just nice to hear his voice :)

Incredible 17-year old son who handled the "crisis" at home, calling power company and dealing with it when they arrived (he was told by his father to take care of his "momma" while big daddy was away :)  So far, so good :)

Arrived home, branch removed, power restored and friendly power men telling me a bit of further repair needs to be done, but I have power for now.

Received a bit of news that could shake my world...but for now I am trusting that when God is on our side, we will not be swallowed up (Psalm 124).    

Two kids had evening plans and I am left alone to enjoy a quiet evening reading, scented candle and warm drink.   

Quiet end to an eventful day....Day One.  More to come :)


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