Monday, June 18, 2012

Remember Educating Rita...Becoming Jane...Now Promoting Joan :)

Ever find yourself reflecting back on your life and being overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the friendships He has given you over the years?  Try doing this in the spirit of thankfulness and you will be blown away by how your friends have impacted your life, even through the small things - and the oh, so many, big things.  Right now in my life, I have some incredible friends.  They walk with me and share my joys, adventures, sorrows and struggles.  Some I see and talk to daily, others maybe once a week or every few weeks.  Recently, with graduation, birthday and wedding parties, as I look around, I am blessed beyond words to have such a full life of friends.  

With the writer's challenge I am participating in, I have come in contact with new friends, and reconnected with old.  I have asked for help and received some incredible wisdom and input.  The discovery of the community of writers and artists is amazing and oh so helpful to someone such as myself.  

Today our challenge is to promote generous. Because great writers share others work.   It didn't take much thought on my part to know immediately "who" I wanted to promote.  She is a writer, (I've read some of her awesome stories and poetry), but her first love and passion is photography.  She has been one of my closest friends for 31 years, although we have been separated geographically for several. 

We worked as missionaries together for years.  We have hilarious stories to tell of the adventures God has allowed us to have together...sweating and eating charred  corn-on-the-cob in 100+ degree weather in Croatia because it was a "delicacy" and would have been rude to refuse.  We've been stuck in bus strikes during the days of "Solidarity" in Poland in the early 80's.  Together we've squished into an elevator with Russian athletes who were two feet taller than us and ridden for days and nights sharing train compartments with unsavory characters and blue stinky cheese!  Hmm....maybe we should write a book :)  It would be full of adventures, but also filled with the stories of lives my friend has touched.  Today there are men and women in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and surrounding nations living a life of fullness serving God, loving and serving others due in part to the prayers of my friend and the impact she had on their lives.

These past years, health issues have prevented her from working a regular full-time job and she has put all her effort and energy into her passion to create an at-home business to generate an income.  However, it is not a job to her.  It is a life of color, art, passion and creativity that flows from her lens.  She tells a story through her photography.  She lives through her art.  And she is one of the most talented artists I know.  

So today, I want to introduce you to an incredible lady.  You can find her on facebook and her website.  I hope you will visit her, enjoy her creativity and support this woman who has given so much to others in her youth.

on facebook -  Joan E Photography

An added this age of free-for-all internet, postings, bloggings, pinterest, etc. there is so much art we discover and want to share with others because we "like" it.  But...please remember copyright laws - respect others and refrain from copying and pinning the art.  The biggest compliment you can give to artists, is to recommend their site for others to view their work. 

I would love to end with a photo of hers, but you do have to go to her site as it is all copyrighted.  And it is definitely worth the trip :)  So I will end with a photo of my own which she liked. As I mentioned, she is a big fan of mine which I so appreciate and she gives me wise advice on photography and writing.  

I love you, are the best!


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