Monday, June 11, 2012

UPS, FEDEX OR Snail Mail....

A new day, a new week and a new challenge!  Today is Day #5 of the Writer's Challenge and I am hmmming and hawing about what to do (not sure if those are actual words, but I do know I use them...I will have to entrust this one to spell check).  The challenge is to "ship".  Something you have previously written, are writing or have floating around in your mind to write.  The challenge is to quit procrastinating and get it done...write it and ship it to someone to get feedback.  I didn't really think I had anything; I was more or less just writing every day either on this blog or in my notebook.  The five hundred words a day is fairly easy for me as I tend to write like I talk...a lot!  But to write an idea or story and have someone critique it hadn't really occurred to me.  I just planned to write and write and hopefully, get better as I write.  

This challenge made room for the Spirit of God to remind me of something and move on it.  For years I have been wanting to get the "stories" of our years in missions and serving God down on paper.  Mostly to leave for our children.  They have been "bedtime stories" as they were growing up, but I wanted to actually put them on paper for posterity - ours anyway.  Months ago, I wrote about the adventure of how God moved and led my husband and I to begin dating and eventually marry.  It is not your run-of-the-mill dating scene.  It is a tale of two lives being joined together with the God of heaven actually speaking into our circumstances.  May sound a bit corny, but it happened!  My husband has forever encouraged me to write it down.  We often teach from this story of how God speaks and is faithful as we are obedient to trust Him for our future, especially when it involves our mate for life!  

Ten pages and 6,000+ words later, it is finished.  I finished it months ago and it  has been sitting in my drawer.  Okay, I wrote it and now what?  Is it a "teaching" pamphlet?  Do I refer to it when I share on this topic?  Do I put it in a notebook for my children?  For some reason at this point known only to God, when I read the "challenge" for today's writing assignment, God nudged my heart....ship this to someone for their feedback.  Someone besides my family.  Okay, that is a little vulnerable and scary.  This is again a little out of my comfort zone.  I can tell the story to many, but to have someone actually read it and critique.  But, I committed to this 15-day challenge and I am going to follow through.  

Today, I am going to "ship" my story.  I have a friend in mind.  I might have several friends in mind...what would you think?  

I don't know where this writing adventure will take me.  I hope it will be a wild ride.  I hope my love for photography and writing will meld together.  I hope my friend is at home....


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