Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Walk Through a Ukrainian Market

The sun peeped through my window this morning when I woke...exciting as I am beginning to feel a bit like Noah's wife.  I wonder what her first thought was when she woke each day to the rain pounding on the roof of the ark with the bleating of sheep, mooing of cows and the occasional two lizards running across her feet.  But, this is June and this is the Pacific Northwest and it is graduation week.  Life is normal here.

With day #2 of the writer's challenge comes the assignment of rising two hours early tomorrow morning and writing.  Oooh, not so sure on that one!!  I already get up @ 6:30 a.m. to get a few people out the door to jobs and school.  We also have out-of-country guests (that's different than out-of-town) for a couple of days.  Hospitality, cooking and a couple of meetings thrown in make for a busy day....but I will rise to the challenge and do what I can do :) Doesn't help me being a night person...

Today and in coming days, I want to continue to share some photos of our recent trip to Ukraine and beyond.  Perhaps a story thrown in.  I am drawn to anything with color, life and humor, so with camera in hand, here's a trip through the market in Ukraine.

Amazing produce !

Loved that "just picked" look!

We were looking for fish...

Look what we found...

The infamous sala...fat...that is a delicacy...

bacon anyone...

there are no words...

Eastern/Central European salads are incredible!

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I discovered the ubiquitous 
poppyseed ..... 

And then there is the meat department...

More fish, this time dried which is pretty common in these parts.

I had to buy some of these fruit-filled, poppy seeded lovelies for

And don't forget the paper products..

But one of my favorite venues are the flowers
in the underground metro areas...

Shopping in the markets of any eastern/central European country is an adventure and on the list of things to do before you ... do anything else :)
It is a sensory delight and a photographer's my eye anyway.
Although you do need to be careful not to offend....and run faster than the
gentleman I seemed to offend when I was clicking away.  

I began this blog this morning...and am finishing it tonight.  It has been that kind of day.  Writing in bits and pieces.  Hope you enjoyed a bit of a
shopping trip in Ukraine.  More to come tomorrow.  
That is if I obey the second challenge and get up two hours early!


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